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35mm thick Interior Fire Doors

The age old problem of finding 35mm thick fire doors for old  (or new ) houses is one we are constantly asked about, the question of why these doors are not so readily available being the main issue.


We always supply fire doors that are 45mm thick for the FD30 1/2 hour (30 minute) fire rated doors as most if not all 35mm thick fire doors are FD20  which is a 20 minute fire rating and for most planning authorities this is unacceptable.

The available range of 35mm thick fire rated doors is very small compared to our 45mm thick fire doors and provides for limited acceptability for planning authorities as mentioned previously, we realise that fitting a 45mm thick door to any opening that is already fitted with a 35mm thick door is more problematical but not as much of a problem as having your planning completion certificate refused.

The easiest way to get around the door thickness problem is to accept that the part of the frame that the door closes against, the door stop, is removed and reduced in breadth to allow for the thicker door or renewed to suit the thicker door, either way something has to give and renewing the door stop is the easiest way around the problem rather than renewing the complete frame or trying to source a 35mm thick door that doesn't suit the job.