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Fitting Weekamp interior industrial loft style doors

Cool industrial style doors for those warehouse conversions and loft locations, black or two choices of grey will be sure to impress.

These stunning doors have slimmer than normal door stiles, they are made to order and the size range is truly impressive.

See our collections of single and double Weekamp Doors

Industrial contemporary modern doros

Weekamp doors can be used in any location but we have chosen to encourage their use in loft or warehouse conversions as the aesthetic appeal provides a minimalist look that can only enhance your home or project.

Panelled doors, clear glass doors for any location and frosted glass doors are all readily available as an option, the latter is ideal for shower rooms, bedrooms or bathrooms, great doors - great flexibility - great prices - get the look you want. 

Fitting a latch to the Weekamp industrial interior doors:

The fact that the stiles are available as 80mm or 95mm requires careful selection of the hardware, we have limited the direct choice of the tubular latch to the 65mm overall size to prevent the possibility of any installer damaging the door by drilling too deeply.

Fitting hinges:

It would be so easy to save a few quid by fitting only two hinges but please be aware that our opinion is that the stability of the door is best served by fitting three hinges as a minimum and in some instances where the door is larger we would suggest four hinges with two being fitted near the top and closely together, maybe 100mm gap between these top two hinges.

Fitting handles:

Our selection of handles in various finishes will without doubt compliment your choice of door, we have chosen to showcase some of those handles with round or square "roses", the rose is the part of the handle that attaches to the door, please don't ask why it's called a "rose"...... it just is.


See our handle collection here

Real opportunities exist to lighten up your home while adding value, the Chic look doesn't cost the earth but may require a little more investment over other more mundane door offerings - the choice is yours and doesn't have to stop at black or grey, if your project involves a number of doors we can offer almost any RAL colour to further enhance your home or project.