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Small Door Sizes continue to add to their range of interior doors with new smaller sizes such as the 1981x457mm (78x18"), 1981x533mm (78x21") or 1981x610mm (78x24") which are 35mm thick and classed as UK Standard Sizes.

We also have some smaller metric sizes available starting at 2040x526mm, all metric doors are 40mm thick but remember that any 30 minute fire rated door will be 45mm thick and any small size (457mm or 533mm) 6 panel door or 4 panel door will more than likely have only 3 panels or 2 panels respectively.

3 Panel Clear Pine Door  White Primed 4 Panel Door with Smooth Surfaces  2 Panel Clear Pine Door  Mexicano Oak Door with Vertical Lining

The addition of the new smaller door sizes has allowed us to give customers more information regarding using two small doors for a larger cupboard where space is at a premium, true flexibility linked to imagination = a problem solved.....result.

You can search for our smaller doors by using the size filters which are shown on each page, simply filter it down by the smaller size that you require whether that be 306mm, 457mm or 533mm and the doors available in these sizes will appear for you. We try to keep a variety between designs but remember, not all doors will be available in these smaller sizes but if you do see a door you love but not in the smaller size you need then not to worry, we do have a wide range of bespoke doors available.

Regency 6 panel Oak Door without Raised Mouldings  Verona Oak Flush Panel Door   Capri Oak Flush Door with V Grooves is Satin Prefinished  Iseo Flush Oak Veneer Door is Pre-Finished

The options are pretty vast and will include oak, pine, walnut, white, doors that are ready to decorate or doors that are prefinished and lots of other vibrant doors in various types too many to mention, just remember one thing, none of the above sizes are available as external doors.

Have a look at our 'Door Sizes' advice page which provides all types of information regarding different door sizes whether it is small or large.