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Gliderol Garage Doors

A brand new range to Direct Doors, a high quality range of Gliderol Garage Doors which provide security, durability and a touch of style, this is an option which is

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affordable. Gliderol offer garage doors which are Roller Shutters which are electric, so you can be confident you are getting your moneys worth.

Our Gliderol Electric Roller Garage Doors are popular and many people tend to opt for this option as it's less maintenance than a Wooden Garage Door, although it varies in price, we feel the price reflects on how secure it is.

The wide range of Gliderol Roller Garage Doors come in many different colors and they are also made to your size, so you can add your own personalized touch. Our Gliderol Garage doors have many benefits such as:

  • Remote Control Operation with 2 Handsets - the risk of another handset using the same code is eliminated as the transmitter uses a different code from one of two billion after every operation.
  • Supplied as Standard with a Safety Break Device.
  • Enables the roller to be operated by hand if the power ever fails.
  • Emergency release - for doors without any other entrance door, there is a lockable emergency release to be operated from outside.
  • Quiet Operation - Noise is reduced as the motor is housed entirely within the roll of the door giving a quiet and smooth performance.
  • Automatic Light - Lights your garage for up to 90 seconds after the motor is activated allowing you to drive into an illuminated garage.
  • Excellent weather resistance with a rubber compression seal to the bottom of the door and a brush strip within the guides.
  • 77mm Insulated Lath
  • 300mm door roll
  • Bottom Rail Safety Edge
  • Internal Manual Release
  • Fully CE marked

These amazing benefits are everything you need in your Electric Garage Doors and Gliderol have provided just that, so don't wait and find yours today.

Please do not arrange any tradesman until the goods have arrived, been checked over for damages and are suitable for installation as you intended, courier delays due to illness, traffic issues or product damages can also impact on your arrangements. Wood products will have a naturally occurring grain, this will vary regardless of veneer type, this is the beauty of wood. We cannot be held liable for any consequential costs should you arrange an early installation or whether the courier is delayed and lastly if the grain is wavy / straight and not to your liking.