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Fitting Interior Fire Doors

Fitting interior fire doors is the same as fitting an interior door but some helpful tips are offered here........ read the advice on how to fit our safety rated fire doors, it really will help you understand the subtle differences, the important thing to note is that fire doors are thicker.

On each and every door on our site, we have an image panel beside the main image of the door that explains the issues and basic points to note.

Video showing how to fit interior door hinges:

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All Building regulations specify the requirements for even the fitting of cheap fire doors or any other fire resisting doors to protect occupants for a minimum time which is expressed in minutes, either 20, 30, 60 minutes etc, most of the time tradesmen will use the term FD30 and FD60 which relates directly to 30 minute and 60 minute ratings.

We have been asked on numerous occasions to source or supply 35mm fire doors but to date, we have not been able to obtain a suitably large range of 35mm fire doors that would also match or comply with the fire testing requirements that all fire doors must match or exceed during testing.

You must use three hinges, these hinges must be "Class 13" standard, if you are renewing the door due to fire, planning or HMO regulations please take their advice as they will sometimes ask you to place intumescent paper behind the actual hinge leaf.

Other items to be aware of are things like Intumescent fire and smoke seals, self-closing devices, the thickness of the timber door stop that the door actually closes against, type of glass (if any) and even the type of paint or varnish if the doors are not already prefinished.

Every fire authority and planning department (you'll be shocked to know) have their own idea of what is required of a fire door.


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