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Fitting Fire and Smoke Seals to a Door or Frame

In addition to fitting effective fire doors it is also important to know how to fit fire and smoke seals to a door, this little help page should go some way to explaining what is required.

seal fitting

1. This process, although described below, may be best left to a professional.

2. Be aware that fire doors are available in 30, 60 and 120 minute ratings and seals must be suitably matched for the doors rating.

3. A specialist electric "router" is required and the router bit must be of the exact width to match the breadth of the seal, also be aware that you may have to adjust the door down very slightly in size before fitting the seal if you are fitting a seal which is combined with a brush type strip.

4. Set up the router guard/guide so that the seal is machined in the centre of the door edge thickness, set the router bit so that the depth of the router bit cuts deeply enough for the body of the seal to sit flush with the door edge. 

5. Cut the seal in length to match the door height, Fire seals normally have a peal of the strip on the back edge which then reveals a sticky surface, after removing the peel off strip, press the seal firmly into the routered channel.

6. Fire seals are normally fitted to the two side edges of the door and also the top.

7. In new build situations, the fire and smoke seals may be fitted in the door frame rather than the door.

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