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Solid Wood Doors

In order to further explain the differences between solid wood doors and solid doors we have included some close up images of a laminated core, a  particle core and a solid timber section, this would probably have been a lot easier and quicker just to show these images rather than the written explanation that is set out below.

When are solid wood doors not  "solid" is the question and within this page at we set out to clear up the myths and misunderstandings.

There are many doors on the UK that are sold on the basis of being "solid wood doors" (the myth) but in most cases they are not, they are however in most respects (the misunderstanding) solid, the things is that it's best to know that a solid door may be constructed with a solid engineered timber core or a particle core type "core", this means the doors are solid but each component part is not in itself one piece of timber.

The above statement could be considered contradictory but really it's about understanding the door construction, we try as hard as is possible to make the web site clear in respect of what can be expected from our doors by way of construction, each door product or frame product makes the construction clear from the very beginning.

Moving on............ our " solid wood doors " are those that are purpose made or bespoke doors whereby we make each individual timber section that makes up the completed door from solid sections of timber, not laminated and not with a particle core but the exception to the rule is our bespoke fire doors which use solid laminated timber sections, each piece of the laminate is a piece of solid wood...........  a minefield for the unwary but clearly explained at