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Door Sets

Two words with lots of variables not least of which is whether you want interior or exterior door sets but lets find out exactly what a door set is and how it can tranform your home or your project, any single wooden door can be supplied as a door set or two doors can be supplied as a double door set.

If we take wooden door sets as our basis for explaining what a door set is it may be easier to undertsand.

Wooden door sets combine the door, a frame and depending on how much effort you want to put in (or not) it will combine the locks, handles, hinges, draught excluders and any other fittings all pre-assembled and fitted to the door which means you are ready to fit without any delays, there are other door set options such as having the door and frame delivered with all the fittings supplied loose, in this last example the frame could be supplied in kit form or made up ready for you to work on.

The PVC door sets or Composite door sets are all ready to install and in the main they have multi point locks fitted, they can work out a lot cheaper than timber (wooden) door sets but not as aesthetically pleasing as wood, the PVC may also not be as suitable stylistically speaking for the age of your home.


This word above can confuse clients when measuring or fitting a door set, the word "handing" refers to which side the hinges are fixed to, especially important if the door and frame set is to be fitted with everything pre-installed on the door, handing should always be viewed from outside the home and to be clear there are 4 different ways to hinge a door so please be careful, see the diagrams below.



Reverse Left-handed

Reverse Right-handed

Option 1; External Door and Frame Sets, 4 - 7 working days for delivery.

Just ask us at if you need a taller frame, we can help but take a peek at our category sections at the foot of the page to get some ideas of what is possible.

Option 2, Prefinished Prehung External Wooden Door & Frame Sets with 5 Point Vectis Locking Systems and ....... 4 - 7 Working Days for FREE Delivery to the UK Mainland

Take the hassle out of installing an prehung external door set with one of our pre-finished & prehung timber door sets, all door sets are FSC Certified and meet Part L of the Building Regulations.

Option 3; External Door & Frame Sets with Locking stystems, 14 - 17 working days for delivery, a bespoke system to suit any home whether it be a front door set or a back door set.

This offers the prehung door and frames which are made to size and are therefore more flexible in terms of each and every dimension or overall door frame sizes that may be required for your project.

The above door and frame sets sections or the external prehung door & frame sets section are dedicated to the experienced Diy expert, professional builder or architect who may require little or no help with these products for new build or renovation projects, please be aware of any issues with regards to current new build regulations or planning regulations.

Many more wooden doors are available such as those within our oak door and mahogany doorsections.

DIY tips for Renewing a door frame.

Measuring Doors- Instructions: Easy Print - Door sizes: Fitting a Multi Point Lock: 

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