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Door Sizes | Door Height Sizes | Door Width Sizes

Door Sizes can be tricky if you aren't familiar with them, which many people aren't; after all it's not something people tend to look for on a daily basis, unless you are a building company or a joiner but fear not, here at DirectDoors we are here to help you find the internal door sizes or external door sizes appropriate for your home and not to forget, a stylish door for your needs.

We have many queries from customers every day to ask how they should measure, what they require in place and what size they need? There is no question too small and we do recommend that you contact a qualified tradesmen to help you measure up and fit the door for you, if you are unsure on where to start. 

Don't fret though, we do have many helpful advice and tips on how to fit a door and how to measure up so you could save your money.

The door width size can vary whether it's imperial door sizes or metric door sizes, in other terms if it's a short door or a large door you need, we are here to guide you in the right direction.

Many homes and properties tend to have the more popular average door sizes which are also known as UK standard door sizes, which are usually 1981mm (78") high and the width can vary. This can be for both internal and external doors, with our wide variety doors, we can be confident you'll find a suitable option. 

Other homes and properties may have large door sizes or slightly unusual door sizes in which case sometimes a metric door or a bespoke door is required to accommodate the size. This can range from anything above 1981mm high all the way up to 2400mm high or even up to 1200mm wide. 

For those looking for smaller door height sizes or door width sizes for narrow cupboard doors, we offer door widths as small as 457mm and 533mm wide or maybe you are looking for a door for a cupboard under the stairs... which is usually smaller in height than standard sizes, then our bespoke interior door range is suitable for you, these doors can be made as small as 800mm (31.5") in height which is over half of a standard height door. 

If you are struggling to understand the sizes we provide then our informative door size conversation chart is here with all the sizes we have to offer for in stock ready made items. If you don't see your size in here it may be that you require a bespoke door so don't hesitate to contact us and we can help. 

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