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Door locks and latch choices, simple advice to make the options clear.

There are many different types of door locks available for front entrance doors, the most common door locks in use are the Yale cylinder types, there are many variations of this type of door lock including the Era Standard, these locks are known as 'night latches' and offer minimum security.

Door locks & latches:

We offer an enhanced Yale type door locks which is known as the RCN8260 which are locking dead door latches and have extra strong roller bolts, regardless of how good these locking latches are we always recommend that you fit a 5 lever mortice dead lock that comply with BS3621 which in turn complies with your insurance requirements in the UK.

It is possible to use 5 lever mortice sash door locks and/or latches on their own, these locks also comply with BS3621 for insurance purposes, when using this type of lock you must remember that you will need a pair of lever/lock handles, these locks are normally fitted to the rear door to give easier access but is also useful for those of you who may have limited hand mobility.

Door latches, Interior Door:

When fitting interior doors please make sure you buy the correct finish and depth of door latch, ball handles should have a larger door latch (95mm) but make sure they are suitable for the size of the door style chosen, conversely, lever handles should have a smaller door latch (65/75mm) fitted.

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