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What's the difference between each collection? LPD GRP Doors are a composite door that does not include locks etc in the price but is suitable for fitting to an existing… Read more

What's the difference between each collection?

  • LPD GRP Doors are a composite door that does not include locks etc in the price but is suitable for fitting to an existing frame.
  • JBK Extreme Weather Doors are made with aMedite facing, this is a highly durable and water-resistant material, again no locks etc in the price and suitable for fitting to an existing door frame.
  • LPD Express Composite Door Sets, the frame and everything such as locking mechanism, hinges etc are all included for these doors which are available in two standard sizes.
  •  XL Composite Door Sets, a range of made to size doors which once again include the frame, locking mechanism etc etc.
  • Dales Composite Door Sets, 7 day delivery schedule, this is the most cost effective range of high quality Secure By Design (Police Approved) composite doors all made to order and which include the frame, locking mechanism etc etc and are all made to size, the additional benefits are they have 10 colours to choose from and also have a shorter lead time for ordering, lastly, they can be collected from 200 depots nationwide.
  • Composite Virtuoso Door Sets, a very large range of composite doors with additional glazing designs and all made to size, these doors are also Secure by Design, have locking mechanisms but take 14 to 17 working days for delivery.
  • Virtu-Al Composite Door Sets, from the same company as the Virtuoso range but these doors are virtually indistiguishable from aluminium doors, they have all the same locking systems as the Virtual range and the same delivery schedules.
  • Delivery and VAT is always included.

From five of the UK’s major suppliers, we have a range of excellent external composite doors and complet door sets to suit a number of styles. And here’s the best bit: Whether you choose white, or another colour, the price is always as shown with no added costs.  

Cleverly combining materials, these composite doors retain warmth, exclude draughts, stand up to inclement weather, and look great while doing it.

We can help:

At Direct Doors, we know doors - inside and out - and on this page we’ll help you select the perfect door to suit your taste and budget. Composite doors are the ideal solution when you know your time can be better spent doing something other than painting a wooden door. And with a wide range of terrific styles available, these bespoke composite doors can be sized to suit your home or property.

We supply them as a ‘set’, hinged, glazed, and with your choice of handle cover. Multi-point locks, designed to secure your home, and draught excluders to keep it warm, are provided as standard.

Note: The brass or chrome hinges shown in some products are available for an extra cost, and must be requested in the notes section of your order. We will then advise you of the price.

Composite doors are manufactured using a number of different materials, selected specifically for their qualities and benefits.

This combination means the end product possesses the strengths of each individual material used, while diminishing the weaknesses. A range of different materials can be combined, including wood, PVC, and insulating foam.

Each of our composite door manufacturers are based in the UK, and as three of the UK’s premier suppliers, all meet high standards of production and quality.

The doors and side panels are highly durable, and each come with a 10 year guarantee as standard, although you can expect each door to last much closer to 25 years.

In comparison to their wooden counterparts, composite doors are superior in both security and durability. They are not prone to warping, and are highly resistant to bumps and dents. In general, the amount of maintenance required over the lifetime of the door is much lower than a wooden door.

General Construction:

See each product for exact specification.

Composite doors can also provide a higher degree of heat insulation, estimated at around six times greater than wooden doors. This will help to lower your energy bills, and increase the value of your property.

If your budget won’t stretch to an external composite door, you may also be interested in our brilliant PVC doors or, for a completely different look, check out our oak doors.

The Virtuoso range, regardless of the chosen door, will virtually meet or exceed the "Secure By Design" standard as promoted by the Police.

High security hinges, locks and handles are incorporated as standard, and 85mm, 150mm and 180mm sill extensions may be supplied loose for on-location fitting.

Measuring and Fitting:

When measuring for your composite door, ignore the current door size and follow the advice below.

Just a word of caution, the LPD doors are used for retro fitting and the measure should be bewteen your existing timber frame while the Virtuoso Composite and XL Composite are supplied with a PVC frame and all fittings, the measure should therefore be between the walls and care must be taken to make sure the exetrior dimensions and the interior dimensions are checked.

Width: LPD Doors, Measure the door between the frame at the top, the middle and the bottom.

Height: LPD Doors, Measure from the floor covering to the underside of the timber lintol.

Thickness: LPD Doors, Now and only now do you measure the door to find out how thick it is at present but the doors we mentioned at the start are 44-45mm thick.