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Oak Double Doors

We supply and deliver most of our glazed internal doors within 48-72 hours anywhere in the UK.

Most of our lifestyle images show a pair of handles on both doors, some handles are "unspung" and rely on the lock/latch mechanism to keep the lever part of the handle level, please do not attempt to fit any unsprung handle to the "slave" door at any time.

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An oak door is a statement. It shows that you value quality, craftsmanship, and aesthetic. Our range of sturdy oak internal doors will give your home or office that premium look and feel, with a number of different styles available to choose from.

All door pair sizes are "overall" for the pair, they are not for each door leaf, we cannot stress highly enough that the sizes are for both halfs.

We can help:

At Direct Doors, we know oak doors like the back of our hands, and on this page we’ll help you select the ideal product to suit your style and budget. Over our 30 years in the business of sourcing and installing doors, and having met and advised countless customers, we’ve learned that the choice of door more often comes down to quality and style, rather than price.

But if you’re looking for the right oak door at the right price, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll guide you through the process of choosing a new internal oak door, helping you find a size and style that complements your existing or desired décor.

All of the internal oak panel doors and oak doors with glass are veneered on a solid core of either laminated timber, or a composite material. This allows us to make better use of the world’s timber resources in a responsible manner.

And wherever possible, we will supply FSC registered sustainable timber products.

The oak veneer is of the highest quality, and to a thickness that complies with industry standards. These veneers are matched within a door, but the obvious attraction of an oak door is its own distinctive grain, which offers a beautiful contrast when installed within your home or office.

Door types and Construction:

Our internal doors are available as flush, panel, or glazed. Or if fire safety is front of mind, please browse our internal fire doors section, where you’ll find a selection of oak fire doors.

All internal oak doors are all fitted with solid oak edges, allowing you some adjustment for onsite fitting to your existing door openings.

In our opinion, you can safely adjust the height of each door by as much as 50mm. Try to take a cut from the top and a larger cut from the bottom, but always adjust the width equally, and within the tolerances permitted on each individual door.

You should also be aware that oak veneered doors, solid oak doors, and oak front doors can be very difficult to screw into - please try and use a small pilot hole, or add a little bit of soap to the screw head, to make the screw go into the timber that little bit easier.

The decoration of solid or veneered oak doors is a crucial step in bringing the grain to life.

Undecorated Oak Doors: The very best finish, in our opinion, is a satin finish varnish, or a clear wax. If you opt for wax, be sure not to use it on the inside of wet rooms or bathrooms. Use a clear varnish instead, and remember to seal the top of all oak doors properly so as to avoid moisture penetration.

Note: We do not recommend using anything but very fine sandpaper or wire wool for very light hand sanding only. Try and fold the sandpaper over and use the thicker folded edge in the same direction as the grain. The folded edge is less likely to get under any heavier parts of the veneer and cause a splinter.

Completing the look you’re after for your home or office often means going beyond selecting the right internal oak door. There’s an attention to detail that comes with choosing the perfect handles, hinges, and locks; one that can make or break the final touches to an interior design project.

We boast an expansive range of door furniture, from antique-style handles and fittings that will accentuate the grandeur of a traditional internal door, to modern, contemporary handles that will complement your sleek, chic interior.

Please do not arrange any tradesman until the goods have arrived, been checked over for damages and are suitable for installation as you intended, courier delays due to illness, traffic issues or product damages can also impact on your arrangements. Wood products will have a naturally occurring grain, this will vary regardless of veneer type, this is the beauty of wood. We cannot be held liable for any consequential costs should you arrange an early installation or whether the courier is delayed and lastly if the grain is wavy / straight and not to your liking.