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1930's Front Doors

The absolute classic period in time, the 1930's had it all with the possible exception of money but the public didn't let that little issue get in the way of style,  grace and elegance and so it was with the 1930's front doors styling, make the product, make it well and let history decide.

Property from the 1930's remains very stylish, classic and contemporary even now, back in the day men still dressed as if their life depended on it and fedoras, double breasted overcoats and good quality shoes were de rigueur,  will we leave the same mark in the noughties??? 

Womens dresses were clinging and real fur was very popular, think of silver screen stars such as Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford or Jean Harlow, each had grace and oozed style, we can't say that our 1930's front doors will turn as many heads as those ladies did but we know the doors are as well made now as they were then and should at the very least enhance your home should it have suffered the "modernisation" of the 70's when flush - plain looks were foisted upon the original doors, this usually resulted in any mouldings being stripped off and panels hidden, criminal!

Homes from the 1920's and the 1930's were spacious and a lot of influences were from the Art & Crafts movement, some 4 million homes were built during these decades, we (our previous and present goverment) can't get anywhere near this number and if we could I doubt they would be so sought after as the traditional pitched roof and bay windowed homes of the 1930's are.

The 1930's front doors were not left out of the overall house design, these doors are classic in style and to this day they remain very popular, not just for a home from that period but for more modern homes and homeowners that want just a little bit of that quality and style for their own home.

The issues surrounding some 1930's doors is that they may not fit in to the range of standard sizes on offer, we can however provide a quote for virtually any size of door, made in solid wood and to the exact dimensions that you require for your home, just ask!