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Wooden Garage Doors

Our best-selling Wooden Garage Doors are manufactured from v-jointed European softwood and are manufactured using a stub mortice and tenon construction.

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We also have a wide range of Wooden Garage Doors, known as TriComfort, a more durable MDF.

We recommend using a suitable base coat primer with "knotting" solution for our redwood Garage Doors.

The Wooden Garage Doors are proving to be more popular than ever, providing both style and security. You can paint the garage doors in your own choice of colour, giving it a touch of your own personality whether you opt for an eye popping grey or a more subtle grey, we know this will stand out.

Our Garage Doors come in a range of sizes to suit your home. If you can't find a size suitable, then don't worry we have a wide range of Garage Doors in different finishes to choose from which can be made to size, such as Aluminum and Shutter Garage Doors.

Our team are more than happy to help guide you to the best option, contact them here today.

Please do not arrange any tradesman until the goods have arrived, been checked over for damages and are suitable for installation as you intended, courier delays due to illness, traffic issues or product damages can also impact on your arrangements. Wood products will have a naturally occurring grain, this will vary regardless of veneer type, this is the beauty of wood. We cannot be held liable for any consequential costs should you arrange an early installation or whether the courier is delayed and lastly if the grain is wavy / straight and not to your liking.