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Gliderol Garage Doors: FAQ's

We offer a wide range of External Garage Doors. To help with any questions you may have on our Gliderol range, we have put together the following advice. 

Gliderol Electric Insulated Roller Garage Door from 1900 to 2134mm Wide - Green Fir Gliderol Electric Insulated Roller Garage Door from 2287 to 2591mm Wide - Irish Oak

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. How do I operate my motorised Gliderol garage door if the power goes off?

A. All Glidermatic Garage Doors have a simple manual release lever on the side of the motor, which allows the door to be operated manually during loss of electrical power. Please note that garages where the roller door is the only point of access will require a dual override key switch during installation. This enables the door to be operated manually from the outside of the building.

Q. How far away from my door will the transmitter work?

A. In general, remote control transmitters can operate up to 50 meters. However, as building and environmental factors can limit range, Gliderol strongly suggest doors should be operated when they are in clear line of sight. The average opening or closing cycle time should be between 12 – 15 seconds. 

Q. How long does the light on the control box stay on for?

A. The light stays on for approximately 60 seconds.

Q. How much space will I need to fit my Gliderol garage door? 

A. Gliderol single skin roller doors do require some space above the lintel to conceal the rolled up section of the door. The headroom clearance required ( from the lowest point of the ceiling to the top of the opening). Please note this advice relates to domestic installations:





A facia panel can be supplied where the headroom clearances are not fully available, but this will reduce the opening height of the door.

Sideroom clearance required is 75mm for single domestic doors, 150mm for double domestic doors, with an extra 20mm required if a motor is to be fitted.

For commercial installations, please see the below:

OPENING HEIGHT Handheld up to 2440mm HEADROOM REQUIRED 460mm

OPENING HEIGHT Handheld up to 5000mm HEADROOM REQUIRED 490mm

OPENING HEIGHT Chain operated up to 2400mm HEADROOM REQUIRED 460mm

OPENING HEIGHT Chain operated up to 3000mm HEADROOM REQUIRED 490mm

OPENING HEIGHT Chain operated up to 5000mm HEADROOM REQUIRED 530mm

Sideroom clearance required is 150mm for industrial doors, 225mm at the side where the chain is situated with an extra 20mm required if a motor is to be fitted.

Q. How often should I have my Gliderol garage door serviced?

A. All Gliderol single skin roller doors are designed to offer years of hassle free operation and generally require minimal maintenance. Manually operated single skin roller doors should operate freely when opening or closing. Roller doors which are either difficult to lift or which appear to fall when moving in the closing direction may require some adjustment to the spring tension. This is best left to the services of a suitably qualified technician.  

Gliderol single skin roller doors fitted with a remote control system should likewise require minimal maintenance. However, seek advice from a qualified technician if any door appears to be faltering during operation. 

Keeping the guide sections free from dust, dirt and other build up is a simple yet effective maintenance step. Do not lubricate the guide sections with oil, grease or any other petroleum based product.

Q. Should I lock my Gliderol garage door even though its fitted with a remote control operator?

A. All Gliderol single skin roller doors fitted with either a Glidermatic or Rol•a•matic operator should not be locked during normal operation. The doors are designed to hold the doors closed to prevent unauthorized entry. Should any attempt be made to force the door open from the outside the electronic control system will detect the forced intrusion and pulse the door to the closed position.

If the door is inadvertently locked, this will cause the unit to overload and force the gears to drive against the lock. If this happens, please turn off the power immediately and call a qualified technician to return the door to its correct operation if necessary. 

If the roller door is not going to be used for a long period of time (e.g. holidays) and you are concerned about security, you can turn the power off and return the door to manual operation. This can be done by pulling the red pin handle on the side of the motor and using the key provided to lock the door.

Q. Should I wash my Gliderol garage door?

A. Gliderol Roller Doors are made from Plastisol coated steel which has a ten year warranty. Should any dirt build up on the surface of the door, please wipe occasionally with a cloth or sponge and mild soapy water.

Q. What happens if my remote control Gliderol roller door closes and hits an immoveable obstruction?

A. Gliderol Roller Doors are designed with a safety device which will detect any obstruction in the path of a closing door and reverse the direction of the door. This feature is known as ‘auto reverse’ and is explained further in the owners manual.

Q. What happens if someone in my street has a Glidermatic or Rollamatic operator, can they open my door?

A. All Gliderol Garage Doors have the very latest rolling code technology which ensures that other remote control transmitters for Gliderol operators will not open your door. These doors are designed to be coded to suit the required receiver only. Each time you use your transmitter, the encryption technology changes the code with two billion combinations.

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