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Coloured Aluminium Doors

ThruSafe - a new range of exclusive, secure and beautifully engineered coloured aluminium doors, carefully designed to combine substance with style.

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ThruSafe Doors are widely specified in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where consumers demand premium technically advanced products, with guaranteed durability.

Secure and durable

Our ThruSafe doors are a substantial 78,5mm thick with no less than three layers of security glass making it hardly surprising that every door conforms to RC2 levels of exceptional security and weathering, specified by the IFT Rosenheim Test Institute in Germany.

The real beauty of a ThruSafe door can be found in its engineering. Each ThruSafe door sash features discreet mechanical fixings to prevent distortion in hot and cold climates, and subtle micro-adjustment devices in the head and base of the door.

These doors are deemed "special order", any orders cancelled by the customer cannot be refunded, this is just one of the many categories within our external door range.

Low U-Values

Means lower energy bills

U-values are used to measure how effective building products are in preventing heat being lost from inside a building.

In a nutshell, the lower the U-value of a door, the more slowly heat can escape through it, which means the door provides better insulation so that less energy, and therefore of course less money, is needed to heat your home.

ThruSafe aluminium doors easily outperform composite doors with U-values as low as 0.92 W/m2K , which means, that these doors will both look great and keep you safe, reducing your domestic running costs and protecting the environment both inside and outside your beautiful new front door.

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