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Maintaining Doors

Doors need to be looked after. Knowing how to treat your door is a very important factor in maximising its performance. For example, Oak, Mahogany and Pine doors will last considerably longer when the correct treatments are applied.

door maintaining

On this page you will find links on advice on what action you should be taking to get the most out of your door, we also provide some tips that cover for repair and maintenance issues. 

To decorate any door, use the decoration advice page which will provide all of the information required to apply the correct treatment. You will see 4 different manufacturers, therefore if you are in doubt about which manufacturer your door is from then please contact our team from clarification.  

The site is based on compatibility and will try and guide you to buy the product that is best suited for your door, eg; the correct hinges, the correct latch or lock for a particular type of handle and so on.

Whatever you want we have it!

Any questions, email and ask "Chippy"