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Choosing door furniture

There are some hints, tips, terms and abbreviations set out below to help when choosing door furniture and fittings for interior and exterior doors, there are many pitfalls when buying a simple handle, will it fit the latch or lock is just one example, we have tried to guide you through this in the most simplistic way possible.

door furniture

A large choice of fittings and handles awaits you here!

Some Sub Sections;

Terms and Abbreviations;

"SAA" is for Aluminium finishes, "EB"  is Electro Brass, "NP" is Nickel Plated, "SC" is Satin Chrome, "CP" is Chrome Plated and "PB" is Polished Brass, there are lots of other abbreviations but this first few should help you navigate with confidence.

Rebated Latch or Lock;

This is a term that relates to pairs of doors where they meet in the middle so a "Rebated Latch or a "Rebated Lock" is for door pairs.

Lock and latch sizes;

65mm = 2.5 inches, 76mm = 3 inches, 95mm = 3.3/4 inches and 100mm = 4 inches.

The site is based on compatibility and will try and guide you to buy the product that is best suited for your door, eg; the correct hinges, the correct latch or lock for a particular type of handle and so on.

Whatever you want we have it!

Any questions, email and ask "Chippy"