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High Quality Fire Doors with Vision Panels

These fire doors with vision panels are usually considered as a basic plywood finish but take a peek at our range of fire doors with glass and you will not be disappointed.


The variety of fire doors with glass including oak, walnut, white, prefinished, unfinished and with inlays........... lots to choose from but easily laid out to make browsing easy.

Our glazed fire door range can be adapted as pairs of doors but just remember that they will not be rebated where they meet in the middle, it's also possible to have fire and smoke seals fitted but we would generally recommend doing this after you have "sized" their door to the opening.

What's "rebating"??? Just for clarity, we don't suggest doing this type of thing to fire door pairs.

Superb Fire doors with vision panels in a large range of sizes and styles that aren't just utilitarian, just quality doors for a range of situations and purposes.