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Fitting Latch or Lock handles, we offer you comprehensive advice

 A short video showing how to fit latch or lock handles, helpful guidance will make sure that this small project is easy to do and is done accurately.

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We can offer you a comprehensive range of latch and lock handles.

1. Advice is offered on the basis that you have already fitted a Latch or a “Sash” type lock.

2. Take 1 part of the handle; insert the “Spindle” into the handle, the spindle is the short metal bar that connects one handle through the door to the other handle.

3. Positioning the handle up to the door, carefully allow the spindle attached to the handle to feed through the latch or lock.

4. Use the tape measure and carefully align the handle not only by measuring from the door edge to the handle edge but also by looking at the handle and just “tweaking”  the handle position while making sure the handle turns freely, fix the handle to the door with the screws provided.

5. Place the next handle on the other side of the door and carefully make sure the spindle operates the 1st handle and therefore the latch or lock mechanism, fix the handle to the door with the screws provided.

6. Test each handle for ease of operation and that the handle returns to the correct resting position, if it doesn’t, ease the fixing screws slightly and tap the handle on the vertical side until the operation is correct, refix/tighten screws.

7. See our Youtube video - How to fit internal door handles

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