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Fitting door hinges to a wooden frame, knowing when to fit more than two

Our door hinge range is huge, the process  for fitting hinges is shown in our short video but there are various subtle differences as to how some carpenters will carry out the process, we supply all types of hinges for lots of differing situations including External hinges, Internal hinges and Fire hinges, a short list of our hinge types is directly below.

We can supply Aluminium door hinges, Stainless Steel door hinges, Chrome Plated door hinges, Polished Brass door hinges, Electro plated door hinges, Nickel Plated door hinges, Steel door hinges, Sheradized door hinges, Solid Drawn Brass door hinges and Black door hinges, Just ask!

Video showing how to fit interior door hinges, the exterior process is the same.

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The fitting of door hinges is extremely important. Always make sure that your door hinges are of the correct weight to hold the door. We sell in single door hinge quantities to allow you to buy as many as your project requires, 3 hinges are required for interior doors, 3 hinges are required for exterior doors or fire doors.

Door hinge fitting, the professional tips.............

If you intend to use the existing door hinge recesses in the door frame the door hinge positions need to be marked (very lightly) on the face edge of the frame.

Position and support the door at an angle as if the door is sitting in the frame, in other words with clearance on the top to prevent it jamming on the frame lintol, mark the top and bottom of each of the door hinges position on to the door in the exact line where the frame door hinge recesses are situated.

When you place your new door hinge against the door do so with the reverse side of the door hinge facing you and the "ball" part of the door hinge against the inner face of the door, mark with a sharp pencil around the door hinges position.

Carefully cut along the pencil mark line with a Stanley knife, always keep your fingers behind the direction of the cut just in case your knife slips, when this has been done take a small "Tenon" saw and cut what is known as "saw drafts" every 18-25mm across the depth-edge of the door especially the top and bottom of the door hinge making sure you do not cut into the remaining area of the door that the edge of the door hinges will sit against, now use a very sharp chisel to cut along the length of the door hinge, the saw drafts will prevent any splits travelling beyond them .

If you intend to use new door hinge positions you will need to mark the door hinge positions on the frame and the door, exterior or interior doors should be hinged between 125-150mm (5-6 inches) from the top of the door and 175-230mm (7-9 inches) from the bottom of the door. Exterior doors will require a third door hinge fitted roughly in the middle of the top and bottom door hinges positions.

When fitting the door hinges screws to the door use a bit of soap on the thread to make it easier to go into the wood, when you are ready to offer the door up to the frame and you are trying to close the door for the first time do so by fitting one screw to each of the door hinges that is being attached to the frame, this will make it easier to go through the process of adjusting the door to suit the frame.

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