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1930's Style Pocket Doors

Our beautiful range of fantastic quality 1930's style internal doors in Oak, Pine or White Primed are perfect for homeowners that want to recreate some individual style for their home - now available in space saving pocket version.

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The range includes options with glass and can be further enlarged with our own bespoke sizes in a range of timber species when our standard options are not suitable for your home.

We have included a short history of these 1930's Period Doors and a nod to the "Art Deco" style doors at the foot of this category but you may also want to sneak a peek at our piece on this period in time and just some of the details for 1930's Front Doors.

A traditional home from the years 1920 -1940 would have had heavy solid oak doors, pitch pine or douglas fir timber doors in what has become known as a 1930's style, history has chosen to ignore the fact that this style of 1930's door was used as early as 1920.

Often a more affordable choice was waxing or staining a cheaper timber to try and attain the required quality look that these period doors offered. Doors were generally painted and would have been in dark colours of brown, green or black with edges and panels picked out in contrasting colours.

Traditional style 1930's art deco doors would have used either Bakelite or cast iron door handles and would have had a rim lock fitted, a rim lock is a lock fitted to the face of the door on one side of the room with a basic handle set and a keyhole on the opposite side from the lock, although rim locks offered very basic security it gave the homeowner a degree of comfort in an era when most home owners never locked their external doors.

Three elongated lower panels would often be two thirds of the way up with a single top panel, more often than not the panels would be flat and in a plywood with a veneer made of the same main timber...oak or pine as described above.

About Ermetika Pocket Doors

Our all new Interior single pocket door kits have an inclusive vat and delivery price, these door systems are supplied with full instructions and allows the chosen door to disappear in to the pocket cassette which in turn is fitted to a preformed cavity in an existing wall.

The very best pocket doors UK wide incorporates a galvanised steel cassette section and a track set with all fittings, doors may be supplied with full decoration, no decor is included to the cassette system parts or its frame, get the correct info as you look at each product.

*The internal sliding door kit and cassette is not decorated and requires assembly.

These high-quality kits are quite simply the best pocket door system and suit two wall/stud thicknesses to choose from while the Fire Pocket Doors System has one wall thickness of 100mm.

The Staffetta Telescopic range has a required wall thickness of 180mm whereas the Unico range requires a wall thickness of 175mm............... other ranges and specialist pocket doors will follow which will have their own specific requirements, please check the individual categories for style, type and dimensions.

Key features:

  • Easy to install rigid cassette frame, supplied in kit form. 
  • Fitted in half the time of other brands. 
  • Designed for stud and plasterboard. 
  • Gives a finished wall thickness of 100mm or 125mm. 
  • Suits door thicknesses 35 – 44mm. 
  • Maximum door weight 100kg. 
  • Compatible sliding door hardware available. 
  • Available in single and double format. 
  • Timber end post and trim included. 
  • Complete with cross rails, cassette edge covers, end posts (single), seals and brushes. 
  • Architraves are sold separately..... Plasterboard is not included. 

Pocket Cassettes may be kerbside delivery only and not in to the home, check us out for all the options and delivery variables.