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Maximal Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Thruslide Sliding Wardrobe Doors & Frame Kits. 

A practical solution, no more doors that stick out, no more opening your lovely new bedroom door only to bang in to the wardrobe door. 

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No more wondering if you can match ALL your doors no matter what they are used for....... now you can get it done.

These sliding wardrobe doors are a completely innovative approach in as much as they will utilise most of our door range where it is practical to do so, this allows you to mix and match your passage doors to any main bedroom entrance door and have the wardrobe match, we offer 2, 3 and 4 door versions, all frames and tracks are bespoke and cut to size to suit your order, we cannot therefore accept any returns for this product.

Wardrobe doors in oak, walnut, white, grey painted, coloured doors, laminate faced name it - we are offering it including flush, panel and glazed doors to suit our wardrobe system.

  • Easy to install with minimum fuss and minimum tools.
  • Available using three MDF frame kits with a variety of aluminium track lengths and door widths including bespoke but all calculated with each door product, very clear and easy to purchase.
  • All door widths have been calculated after allowing the door or doors to overlap by 20mm, more overlap is possible by you the customer to suit smaller or odd sized openings.
  • We use a double matching track to allow doors to bi-pass each other and all tracks have a soft close component to prevent slam, track stops supplied just in case you wish to fix any door in position, choice is what we offer with this system.
  • No trip hazard, these kits are also the ideal solution for any dressing room.
  • The structural wall opening heights are the maximums shown but top track hangers / bottom clearances can be adjusted by a total of 15mm for all variations which allows some tolerances for discrepancies to wall and floor levels, widths are as shown in the product purchase options and we have allowed a 20mm overlap where doors "meet" but you could overlap more to allow for slightly smaller openings, there will be a requirement for architraves which are not included in the system.
  • All doors are 35mm thick and have a solid MDF or similar core covered with a quality timber veneer or surface material for painted OR white versions, door edges allow safe trimming by a small margin on each side and the top - bottom, frame / track would need cutting on site to size regardless of whether you trim the doors or not.
  • Door / Frame Finishes: Prefinished oak doors have unfinished oak frame materials, Unfinished Oak doors have unfinished oak frame materials, Prefinished walnut and white primed doors have white primed frame materials.
  • Standard Door Sizes: The most versatile and easy to install system for heavy duty sliding wardrobe or sliding cupboard doors. Available using 3 individual door widths which will give a maximum of 3372mm wide and a maximum height of 2086mm for the standard door range across several sliding track kits.
  • Bespoke Door Sizes: The bespoke sliding door range has a maximum opening width of 4800mm and 2400mm high is possible when using our bespoke door range. The system uses nylon hangers on an aluminium track to allow the doors to travel smoothly and quietly.
  • Additional door fitting is required with the tracks and frame requiring cutting to the final size, all doors will require a channel to be routered in the bottom for the supplied channel to be installed.

All other materials such as timber stud framing, architraves, interior fittings or flooring are not included.

Fitting Instructions
Thruslide Sliding Wardrobe doors

Please do not arrange any tradesman until the goods have arrived, been checked over for damages and are suitable for installation as you intended, courier delays due to illness, traffic issues or product damages can also impact on your arrangements. Wood products will have a naturally occurring grain, this will vary regardless of veneer type, this is the beauty of wood. We cannot be held liable for any consequential costs should you arrange an early installation or whether the courier is delayed and lastly if the grain is wavy / straight and not to your liking.