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Virtually all LPD doors are delivered within 4-7 working days, Islands and exports by arrangement.

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The following LPD Doors sub categories within this section are designed to house just a small selection of the LPD doors that are available from one of the UK's largest interior door suppliers, they provide a huge range of LPD internal doors and LPD external doors in all the most popular veneers including LPD oak doors, LPD pine doors, LPD fire doors and a whole lot more with a great deal of them pre-finished and all are glazed with safety glass as standard.

LPD doors have realised that most of today’s customers are extremely prudent and style conscious consumers, we know only too well they constantly expect more LPD Doors for their money, which is precisely why our comprehensive 2014 LPD door portfolio is purpose designed to offer optimum choice and suit all tastes and pockets by combining established favourites and proven best sellers with imaginative, aesthetically appealing, totally on-trend, price sensitive products, that push the boundaries of innovation yet still offer good old-fashioned value for money.

And you can rest assured that our helpful and knowledgeable sales team are only an Email away right here...... Email: should you require their advice and assistance in choosing the most appropriate solution to fulfil your specific need.

You can expect more than just the door......we don't just promise it, we guarantee it!!!!

Most of our LPD internal Doors and LPD external Doors are manufactured using engineered component parts, all with a view to providing a product that offers a solid feel, but with the advantages that engineering brings in terms of strength and stability. All engineered doors are faced with veneers and matching lippings

Our LPD Doors Promise:

We’re confident that if you place your business with us, not only can you expect more, you’ll get more than you expect, thanks to our enduring ethos to uncompromisingly deliver the right LPD door product, at the right price, at the right time!!

Special LPD Products at Special Prices - Nuvu external folding and french doors.

To capitalise on the continuing demand for quality, aesthetically pleasing and affordable LPD French Doors, we’ve added LPD NUVU French Doors to the NUVU stable. Like the LPD NUVU Folding Doors, they offer a lifestyle solution by “connecting” the outside with the inside and are an extremely economical way of effectively extending the "living" space without the need for costly extensions.

LPD NUVU French door sets come in a standard height of 2090mm and are available in three different widths, 4'; 5'; 6' – and the same 3 attractive and fashionable finishes as LPD NUVU Folding, notably unfinished Oak, composed of FSC certified Oak veneer applied to an engineered timber core, pre-finished Oak, which is treated with tinted lacquer at the point of manufacture, or prefinished White produced from FSC certified softwood and protected by a durable, solvent based, 3 part high-build exterior paint system.

An ingenious frame and cill design means they can be installed to be either outward opening or inward opening,
to suit a personal preference or, satisfy architectural restrictions or constraints or the flow of the property, and to maintain design integrity, door stile and rail profiles are consistent with LPD NUVU Folding.

Available ex-stock as either a full out glazed Pattern 20 design or an 8 Light design formed by using adhesive astragals that cleverly give the illusion of individual panes of glass, without the associated cost, both offered with complimentary sidelights. These beautifully crafted door sets will add elegance and kerb appeal to any exterior.

LPD Nuvu Internal Folding Doors and LPD Room Dividers:

For those looking for an alternative to more conventional Room Dividers, then LPD NUVU Roomfold Door is the ideal solution. These ingenious modular internal Folding/Sliding door set kits allow you to quickly and effortlessly open up the living space whenever the need arises, and just as swiftly and easily “partition” off adjoining rooms when privacy is required or a bit of much-needed peace and quiet is the order of the day!!!

Designed to support a maximum load weight of 25kg per door leaf, the universal tracks coupled with the corresponding frames facilitate the following configurations using multiples of either 21”, 24” or 27” leaves: 3+0; 3+1; 4+1; 3+3; In simple terms what this means is, unlike certain other internal folding/sliding door sets on the market, where you’re restricted to the manufacturers’ choice of door design, LPD NUVU Roomfold affords you
the freedom to choose virtually any internal door model from the extensive LPD offering, enabling you to create a “customised” solution that satisfies your very personal aesthetic tastes, existing décor and the architectural specification of your interior.

Or put another way, thanks to LPD NUVU Roomfold, even the most uncompromising no longer have to compromise!!!

LPD Supermodel Doors - Super Prices:

LPD Designer doors, off the peg prices….introducing LPD’s Supermodel Doors. The Latin inspired Supermodels continue to captivate the designer door world and give fashion aficionados plenty to get hot under the collar about!! All graced with head turning looks, they possess a certain refinement and panache that sets them apart as extraordinarily special. It's no secret that in the sphere of Supermodels, alluring, arresting aesthetics are everything and their sleek, elegant lines, delicate yet distinctive features, ensure they radiate style and sophistication in abundance.

Now with lots of beguiling beauties to choose from, across a range of popular sizes and "in vogue" finishes, and the recent inclusion of glazed fire-check options, these fully factory pre-finished paragons of perfection that exemplify haute couture refinement at affordable, off the peg prices, will stir the senses of those who appreciate innate finesse and eminent star quality and simultaneously satisfy the continuing trend towards more modern interior design.

LPD Europa Doors - Style and Versatility:

As the beginning and end of a journey through the room, doors form an integral part of the room’s interior styling whilst enhancing the principal design theme. With this foremost in our mind, we’ve developed a cutting edge collection of Europa Flush Doors that will be as much at home in a loft-style apartment, swish boutique hotel or upmarket office development, as a tasteful barn conversion, smart semi or imposing detached.

From the avante garde Alcaraz to the modish La Mancha to the suave Sierra Blanco, the doors epitomise the utmost in contemporary chic and suburban sophistication, and will undoubtedly add the perfect finishing touch to any newly designed or refurbished room.

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Please do not arrange any tradesman until the goods have arrived, been checked over for damages and are suitable for installation as you intended, courier delays due to illness, traffic issues or product damages can also impact on your arrangements. Wood products will have a naturally occurring grain, this will vary regardless of veneer type, this is the beauty of wood. We cannot be held liable for any consequential costs should you arrange an early installation or whether the courier is delayed and lastly if the grain is wavy / straight and not to your liking.