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Most doors delivered within 48 - 72 Hours anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement. A huge range of internal double doors and external double doors encompassing… Read more

Most doors delivered within 48 - 72 Hours anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.

A huge range of internal double doors and external double doors encompassing French Doors, Room Dividers, Folding Doors, Bespoke Door Pairs, Multifold Doors and Bifold Doors.

All our Interior NuVu, Pairmaker, Freefold and Easiframe door ranges can have the doors open towards or away from you, you set the hinges accordingly during installation to suit your own requirements, call 01968 671681 for assistance.

Please be aware that we may use narrower doors for some sizes of this product whether panelled or glazed, they may have narrower panels or glass than the image shown, this is because the timber sections that make up the doors construction remain the same size across the full range of door sizes.

Double doors are also know as french doors and relate directly to any two doors put together to form a pair.

Popular Double Door Sizes:

Our standard range of interior double doors are mainly available in the 1981x1168x40mm and some are also available in a range of sizes including, 1981x1220x40mm, 1981x1372x40mm and 1981x1524x40mm overall sizes including where they are machine rebated at the point where they meet in the middle, these doors are available in Pine, Oak, Mahogany and white primed.

When considering double doors you do not have to be restricted to the sizes shown above, it is entirely practical to get any two standard sizes of doors and place them together to form a pair, in doing this you then have the choice of (explained in next para) adding a rebate, machining a rebate or just allowing the doors to meet in the middle with a minimum amount of space.


The word "rebate" in joinery terms relates to allowing the two doors to overlap where the meeting rails of the doors join when closed, machining a rebate is when half the "thickness" of the door is channelled out (for want of a better description) to allow the doors to interlock by 12mm, you can also choose to add the rebate if you have the correct space within your frame where the doors will be fitted, lastly you can get a "pairmaker" from our Joinery section within this site and add this to the doors where they will meet in the middle, the interior pairmaker adds 10mm to the width of the doors and 15mm for the external door pairs.

Machining a rebate reduces the overall width of the door by 12mm but adding a rebate adds 12mm to the overall width of two doors whereas the pairmaker component will add 10mm 0r 15mm for external door pairs. 

Double Doors:

Double doors are also available as "Room Dividers" which means that not only do you get the two doors but also the frame to suit the chosen doors, the sizes of the standard "Room Dividers" are 1246mm, 1558mm, 1904mm, 2478mm and 2494mm, not all Double doors are available in all these sizes, the range of timber types is confined to Oak, Mahogany, Pine and white primed softwood.

All double doors are in our opinion one of the best ways to close off one room from another and depending on the aperture or space within the wall that you have to work with they may well require a side screen to the left, the right or both sides of the double doors, the other option is to consider using doors from our Multifold range where there are numerous folding doors as alternatives and other sizes available.

There are many different types of double doors on the market; they are available as Oak double doors and Mahogany double doors. You can also source internal Bi-fold doors on this web site, they are however more suited to single door passageways. We also supply External Door Pairs or External Double Door and Frame Sets, check them out if you are looking for a stylish gateway to your garden that will let in a substantial amount of light.


The frames can be adjusted to suit varying thicknesses of walls by adding "Ingoes", these are timber/wooden plates that are cut to suit the wall thickness less the frame thickness, for example if you have a wall that is 200mm thick and the double doors frame you have chosen is 110mm then you would require a 90mm ingoe or arrange for a plasterer to finish the returning wall as required.

The benefits of Folding Door Sets including French Door Sets is that they do help prevent heat loss, their internal versions are also ideal at cutting down on the noise of your fridge or washing machine traveling through to your sitting room if you have an open plan kitchen / sitting room / dining room.

We have fitted many variations of double doors including our range of External Bespoke Door Pairs, please do not hesitate to ask for advice, we will have heard it all before and we are here to help.

We can also supply you with matching single doors from our range of great looking internal doors and stylish external doors.

Help tips for choosing Double doors or Folding doors.

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