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How to fix a sticking wooden door quickly and effectively

From time to time you may have noticed some areas of your door are beginning to stick against the frame, this is normally more likely to happen when winter arrives with the damp weather being the prime cause, no need to take a hammer to the frame, please read on.

The quick way to remedy this is as follows and whether you use all or a combination of the items below very much depends on how bad the door is sticking;

  1. Take a small wood plane and gently strip the door edge where it is hitting/rubbing the frame, see item 2 below.

  2. Use chalk to rub the edge of the frame if you are unsure which part of the door edge is hitting/rubbing first, this will then mark the door edge and allow you to trim it as described.
  3. Sometimes it is better to take a little more of the leading edge of the door.
  4. The leading edge of the door is the edge that meets the door frame stop but is not the door face.
  5. If the door edge is only slightly hitting/rubbing, take a standard white candle and rub the edge of the door and frame where they are hitting/rubbing together, this will free up the door until Spring/Summer arrives, if it ever does.
  6. Job Done!

Any questions, email and ask “Chippy”

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