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We supply and deliver most of our prefinished folding doors within 48-72 hours anywhere in the UK. and the largest choice anywhere and combine the biggest range of doors with our… Read more


We supply and deliver most of our prefinished folding doors within 48-72 hours anywhere in the UK. and the largest choice anywhere and combine the biggest range of doors with our very own Thrufold (tm) system.

A  prefinished door is a statement, it shows that you value modernity, quality, craftsmanship, and aesthetic. Our range of  prefinished folding doors will give your home or office that premium look and feel, with a number of different styles available to choose from.

We can help:

At Direct Doors, we know  prefinished folding doors like the back of our hands, and on this page we’ll help you select the ideal product to suit your style and budget. Over our 30 years in the business of sourcing and installing doors, and having met and advised countless customers, we’ve learned that the choice of door more often comes down to quality and style, rather than price.

But if you’re looking for the right  prefinished door at the right price, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll guide you through the process of choosing a new prefinished door, helping you find a size and style that complements your existing or desired décor.

All of the prefinished panel doors and prefinished doors with glass are veneered on a solid core of either laminated timber, or a composite material. This allows us to make better use of the world’s timber resources in a responsible manner.

And wherever possible, we will supply FSC registered sustainable timber products.

The prefinished surface is of the highest quality, and to a thickness that complies with industry standards. These veneers are matched within a door, but the obvious attraction of a prefinished door is its own distinctive grain, which offers a beautiful contrast when installed within your home or office.

Prefinished door sizes:

The interior prefinished doors available in the categories displayed on this page come in a range of sizes.

Just a reminder: The doors that are 2040mm in height are 40mm thick.

Door types and Construction:

Our  prefinished folding doors are available as flush, panel, or glazed and all internal prefinished doors have solid edges.

You should also be aware that prefinished doors are generally easy to screw into, however, please try and use a small pilot hole, or add a little bit of soap to the screw thread, to make the screw go into the timber that little bit easier.

Note: Undecorated or adjusted door edges. We do not recommend using anything but very fine sandpaper or wire wool for very, very light hand sanding only. Try and fold the sandpaper over and use the thicker folded edge in the same direction as the grain. The folded edge is less likely to get under any heavier parts of the surface and cause a splinter.

Completing the look you’re after for your home or office often means going beyond selecting the right prefinished pocket door. There’s an attention to detail that comes with choosing the perfect handles, hinges, and locks; one that can make or break the final touches to an interior design project.

We boast an expansive range of door furniture, from antique-style handles and fittings that will accentuate the grandeur of a traditional internal door, to modern, contemporary handles that will complement your sleek, chic interior.