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DD Urban Lite® Slimline Doors

Crafted exclusively by us in the UK, these British-made doors exemplify some of the market's finest offerings. Utilizing sustainably sourced wood, we create doors that are not only distinctive but also customized to your individual needs.

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The DirectDoors Handmade Urban Lite® Doors boast a thickness of 40mm and are meticulously crafted from solid composite European Wood.

Please take note that once the order is received, these bespoke doors cannot be cancelled, as they are specially tailored for you. The estimated delivery time falls within the range of 5-6 weeks.

We kindly request that you refrain from arranging any tradesmen until the goods have safely arrived, been thoroughly inspected for damages, and are ready for installation according to your intentions. Potential courier delays due to factors like illness, traffic, or product damage can affect your plans. The inherent grain patterns in wood products contribute to their natural beauty, regardless of the veneer type. We cannot assume responsibility for any additional costs arising from premature installation, courier delays, or preferences related to grain patterns.

Rest assured, the glass bars are securely bonded to the glass, and all beading features a bevelled design. It's important to note that our glass and panel doors are beaded on one side only. When fitting multiple doors, exercise care to ensure consistent placement of the beads on a single side.