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Internal Bespoke Folding Doors

Bespoke folding doors, a large range but broken down in to five easy to navigate sub categories, we have then added simple filters to allow you to see the chosen configuration, door style and 

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finish that best suits you and your home.

If all you need are standard sizes and want a huge range to choose from why not take a look at our Internal Folding Doors range.

All Thrufold door products are cut to size upon receipt of order and cannot be cancelled afterwards, they are classed as a bespoke item created and manufactured by to suit your exact folding door dimensions.

Folding Door Fittings and Frame Components Note:

Please be aware that each image or PDF's for our internal folding doors show a position of a flush pull, hinges, slip bolt etc but the position of each item is very dependent on how you and your carpenter decide the doors should open.

There will be occasions when you may decide that the flush pull is better fitted in the centre of the middle door for a 3 door set or indeed a latch handle is fitted on the main opening door, you may also decide that you do not want to fit the slip bolt - each and every decision is yours to make - just decide before fitting any of the above items.

The small door stops (25x12mm) for some of the configurations will have to be "offset" so one leg allows the main door to close against it in a traditional manner whereas the same door stop will be fitted on the opposite side at the other frame leg.

Configuration choices are:

  • 2+0, two doors opening left or right.
  • 2+1, two doors on one side and one opposite.
  • 3+0, three doors opening left or right.
  • 2+2, two doors opening to each side.
  • 3+1, three doors on one side and one on the opposite.
  • 3+2, three doors opening to one side and the other two opening to the opposite side.
  • 3+3, three doors opening to each side.

The door types are flush, panelled or glazed in a range of real wood veneers, we also offer white or colours such as grey painted and lastly laminates.

Our Thrufold frames in your chosen door widths and heights are subject to manufacturing limitations, when you combine this range of bespoke doors with all the configurations you have massive if not infinite combinations, massive choice but easy to search and choose.

All items may have two different suppliers, this is the best and only way to obtain what is Europe’s largest range of folding doors.

  1. Make your choices as you go through the buying process and place your order.
  2. In some circumstances we may produce a CAD drawing for sign off but this is only supplied if we feel we need to clarify some internal proportions of your door, our suppliers technical team is on hand to produce a detailed CAD drawing outlining your specifications and requirements but on most occasions your involvement in this is not required.

  3. Your bespoke doors are manufactured using the CAD drawing as a guide, we will build your doors to this specification using rigorous quality control to make sure every inch of your doors are made to perfection.
  4. Your doors are delivered to you using our own fleet of wagons or a third party courier, we're able to deliver without any extra charges anywhere in the UK.

Please note that once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled or returned. The extended delivery schedule is a result of shipping and customs procedures rather than the door production process.

    All Thrufold MDF frame items are supplied in kit form with full track and fittings but without screws or nail fixings, they are not assembled, glass is pre-installed in the doors where there are glass apertures.

    The price quoted is for the doors, any glass, frame and any folding tracks.

    Configurations & Advice:

    • Any mention of pre-finishing is to the door, the frame is supplied unfinished, all fittings such as track, guides, pivots, hinges and slip bolts are included, screws/fixings and your choice of handles are not included.
    • Door / Frame Finishes: Prefinished oak doors have unfinished oak frame materials, Unfinished Oak doors have unfinished oak frame materials, Prefinished walnut and white primed doors have white primed frame materials.
    • Internal Folding Doors can open left or right but please refer to the diagrams and PDF for more clarity. You simply decide when you install them, slipbolt position may vary from PDF image depending on your door operation.
    • The structural wall opening height is a maximum 2084mm for all variations which includes some tolerances for discrepancies to wall and floor levels, widths are as shown in the product purchase options, there will be a requirement for architraves which are not included in the system.
    • All doors are 40mm thick and have a solid MDF or similar core covered with a quality timber veneer or surface material for painted and white versions, door edges allow safe trimming by a small margin on each side and also the top and bottom, frames and track would need cutting on site to size regardless of whether you trim the doors or not.
    • Frame linings are 133mm broad and 30mm thick and once again have an MDF solid core construction.
    • All folding doors can be trimmed but remember you will also need to cut the frame to suit the reduced doors, this will not be difficult, no handles supplied, please buy the handle you require separately.
    • Buying an architrave?..... Please remember that the architrave packs are designed with enough lengths for both sides of a standard size single door, it would be necessary for you to buy enough packs to join the leg lengths together to suit the lintols of a folding door set.
    Fitting Instructions

    All pdf sizes relate to standard size doors, please provide your OVERALL sizes when going through the buying process, these are the sizes between the wall from left to right and from floor to lintol, give us as the OVERALL opening size as mentioned but please take care and deduct 10mm for fitting tolerances from your tight width and height sizes, we will provide the doors to suit the frame and track sizes that suit your OVERALL dimensions.

    Please do not arrange any tradesman until the goods have arrived, been checked over for damages and are suitable for installation as you intended, courier delays due to illness, traffic issues or product damages can also impact on your arrangements. Wood products will have a naturally occurring grain, this will vary regardless of veneer type, this is the beauty of wood. We cannot be held liable for any consequential costs should you arrange an early installation or whether the courier is delayed and lastly if the grain is wavy / straight and not to your liking.