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4 Panel Doors

The most popular of doors are the 4 panel doors, the variation of door styles within this type of door is large and varied and include doors with or without raised mouldings or with a more flush appearance.

We can supply 4 panel doors in White, Pine, Oak or Walnut and most are prefinished depending on the range you are browsing, the traditional 4 panel doors are those that have 4 rectangular panels with two longer panels above a horizontal middle rail and the two smaller panels below, the 4 panel doors also have the option to be supplied in the "contemporary" 4 panel door style, this is when the the panels or glass are all equal in height and are sepearated with horizontal "astragals" or "rails"  but remain 4 panel in style.

The white 4 panel doors are generally white primed rather than white painted and will therefore require the final decoration, some of these white primed doors also need the door edges decorated from scratch as they are left untreated to allow for final trimming when fitting, our more modern range of 4 panel doors also have the option to be supplied with safety glass instead of the panels and the top two panels within the more traditional 4 panel door can also sometimes be supplied with safety glass.

The very original 4 panel doors are available with or without an extra raised moulding surrounding the panels on both face of the door, these are available in Pine, Oak and in some instance walnut, the panel detailing can (depending on the actual chosen door) be flat or "Raised & Fielded" with the latter being the type of panel that has a bevel to each edge of the panel, the choice is yours. 

Lastly, we supply a large range of 1930's style 4 panel interior doors, the difference with these doors is that the top panel is almost square depending on the door size chosen and the door then has three vertical panels below the aforementioned top panel, glass is available within some of these doors for the top section.