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What Is Door Handing?

This page is to help our customers and visitors understand the meaning of ‘Door Handing’ to ensure you purchase the correct item for your needs.

Handing is the term used to describe the indication of which side of a door the hinges are placed and whether the door opens inwards or towards you, it’s very helpful to know this especially when buying an external “door & frame set” or a pair of French doors.

You must remember that handing is always considered from the OUTSIDE of the room or property that the door is for. You may see the term ‘Viewed from Outside’ on our website, which helps you choose accurately.

For example, if I wanted a new external front door, I would stand outside and say that I wanted it to open INTO the property and that I wanted hinges on the left, this means I would require a left-handed door, see images for clarity.

Reverse Left-handed

Reverse Right-handed 

This rule only applies to items we are providing as door sets, pairs etc. if you are buying a door on it's own then it would be down to yourself on which way it is handed upon arrival. 

Some of our pairs of doors are already rebated which means they are pre-machined already to suit a certain type of handing whether that be left or right handed, so be extra careful and double check the information on the doors you are after to ensure they are correct for your requirements. We do also have pairs of doors where you can fit a ‘rebate component’ so that you can choose whether the left-hand or right-hand door opens first.    

It is important to keep this information in mind when fitting both internal doors and external doors however, most qualified tradesmen should be able to understand and help you choose the correct item or you can use this helpful page to guide you.

Our team are always on hand should you require any assistance in regards to door handing, just contact them here and they will be more than happy to help.