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What is a Part L door or window?

The building regulations are coded by subject and run from part A to P, Part L refers to thermal efficiency standards and affects insulation and heat loss. 

What’s New?

The amended regulations on energy efficiency are now in effect — and as Douglas Adams said, “Don’t Panic”.


Element 2006 U-value New value
Roof 0.16 0.15
Wall 0.3 0.2
Floor 0.22 0.15
Windows 1.8 1.6
Doors 1.8 1.8
Permeability 10m³/hr



As with all Government documents, the paperwork surrounding the new Building Regulations is daunting – around 600 pages of it – but actually it all boils down to two main points: the method of measurement shifts from elemental U-values to actual CO2 emissions and all domestic buildings need to show a 25% improvement in CO2 emissions over the 2006 standard.

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