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Antique Pewter Door Handles and Fittings

A totally classic rustic style and considered use of a metal that is less common these days, all Antique Pewter Door Handles and Fittings are very well manufactured.

A truly traditional style of product but with individual hand forging there will be variations, these are not considered as faults, they simply add character and authenticity to the whole product range. 

This Pewter finish is durable for internal or external use which is different from the Beeswax range which only suits interior use, the Pewter product could be considered old in style but the finish is a modern electro-plate and then stove lacquered, this Ludlow Foundries Pewter handle and fittings range requires no more than a wipe with a damp cloth and soapy water. 

This metal is very strong and was traditionally used and cast as figurines or in tankards to both traditional or modern designs.

These products have a totally natural metal look and with maintenance-free finishes the Pewter effect is the choice of many, from the suburban home owner looking for something different to those lofty Castles or conversions, try the Ludlow Pewter range............its natural.

Please be aware there can and almost certainly will be a slight colour or size difference with Pewter door products as every item is hand forged.......... individuality and style with more than just a touch of rustic charm, this we feel enhances the appeal of this range.