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Internal Walnut Doors

A stunning range of dark and moody Internal Walnut Doors which are perfect for most homes, Internal Walnut Panel Doors, Internal Walnut Door with 

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Glass, Internal Flush Walnut Doors and Internal Walnut Doors in Unusual Metric Sizes, we will deliver any of these doors for no extra charge or minimal cost to anywhere within the mainland UK!

Most Walnut doors delivered; 48 - 72 Hours anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.

We can supply numerous Internal Walnut Doors in various styles which have been separated into the three main categories, internal walnut panel doors, internal walnut doors with glass and internal walnut flush doors and then we have split walnut doors in unusual metric sizes in to a fourth category. All of these walnut interior doors are top quality and a great choice if you are looking for darker door in contrast to other woods used.

We are satisfied that our internal walnut doors live up to our objective of supplying the best possible doors at the lowest possible prices. We believe that our walnut wooden doors can help add to the value of your property in many cases.

If you have any questions regarding our range of interior walnut doors, please check out our FAQ page and, if this doesn't suffice, email us at This is just one of the many internal door categories we have on offer.

Most of our walnut doors have walnut fire doors as an option, when you see a walnut door product that you like take a look at the "Related Products" link at the bottom of that particular door or just browse the fire doors section to see what is available.

In order to learn a little bit more about such beautiful walnut veneered doors read the "Walnut Tre History" below.

Internal Walnut Door Sizes:

Interior walnut door sizes are varied but can include in some instances the very small 1981x457mm, 1981x533mm, 1981x610mm sizes as well as the 1981x686mm, 1981x762mm, 1981x838mm and 2032x813mm all of which are 35mm thick, we then have true metric sizes, these are door sizes that are all 2040mm high and are 40mm thick, they include 2040x526mm, 2040x626mm, 2040x726mm, 2040x826mm and in some instances 2040x926mm, fire doors will all be 45mm thick for a 30 minute fire door to 54mm thick for any available 60 minute fire rated door.

Walnut Tree History - Wikipedia:

Juglans regia, the Persian walnut, English walnut, especially in Great Britain, common walnut, or especially in the US, California walnut, is an Old World walnut tree species native to the region stretching from the Balkans eastward to the Himalayas and southwest China. The largest forests are in Kyrgyzstan, where trees occur in extensive, nearly pure walnut forests at 1,000–2,000 m altitude, notably at Arslanbob in Jalal-Abad

Juglans regia is a large, deciduous tree attaining heights of 25–35 m, and a trunk up to 2 m diameter, commonly with a short trunk and broad crown, though taller and narrower in dense forest competition. It is a light-demanding species, requiring full sun to grow well.

The bark is smooth, olive-brown when young and silvery-grey on older branches, and features scattered broad fissures with a rougher texture. Like all walnuts, the pith of the twigs contains air spaces; this chambered pith is brownish in colour. The leaves are alternately arranged, 25–40 cm long, odd-pinnate with 5–9 leaflets, paired alternately with one terminal leaflet. The largest leaflets are the three at the apex, 10–18 cm long and 6–8 cm broad; the basal pair of leaflets are much smaller, 5–8 cm long, with the margins of the leaflets entire. The male flowers are in drooping catkins 5–10 cm long, and the female flowers are terminal, in clusters of two to five, ripening in the autumn into a fruit with a green, semi fleshy husk and a brown, corrugated nut. The whole fruit, including the husk, falls in autumn; the seed is large, with a relatively thin shell, and edible, with a rich flavour.

Paint N Peel Instructions: Easy Print - Door sizes:
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Not all doors have the Paint N Peel facility, Call 01968 671681 for assistance.

Please do not arrange any tradesman until the goods have arrived, been checked over for damages and are suitable for installation as you intended, courier delays due to illness, traffic issues or product damages can also impact on your arrangements. Wood products will have a naturally occurring grain, this will vary regardless of veneer type, this is the beauty of wood. We cannot be held liable for any consequential costs should you arrange an early installation or whether the courier is delayed and lastly if the grain is wavy / straight and not to your liking.