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Mahogany doors that are well constructed and light in colour

We can provide you with top quality mahogany doors that will look great in your home, high qaulity veneers and modern door construction methods set them apart, not only are our products sold at low prices inclusive of vat but delivery is free to anywhere within the mainland UK!

These doors consist of mahogany panel doors, mahogany glazed doors and occassionally there are mahogany flush doors, the latter doors are usually classed as a mahogany faced plywood doors for painting, whether you are looking for interior mahogany doors or exterior mahogany doors, you will discover that ours are amongst the best around. 

All glass used in our glazed mahogany doors is toughened safety glass as standard, the security of you and your family is of paramount importance to us.

For many years mahogany doors were generally created with solid sections.  These days, they are largely over veneered on solid timber or a flaxcore construction.  This is to ensure that we are environmentally responsible with the use of our timber resources and we will continue to be able to use the best veneers available.

Mahogany doors are generally thought of as being dark in colour whereas many are actually very light and whilst they can be stained dark they can also be waxed ( if they are interior mahogany doors ) or light stained, it is however best not to wax the inside of any doors that are fitted to a bathroom. 

Our Wooden Mahogany Doors section contains other alternatives such as Oak Doors and Pine Doors.  Each material will provide a different look and feel but when you intend painting or using a medium to dark stain it would be pointless paying for an oak door, each new internal mahogany door that we add to the range will continue to allow us to offer a large number of different style optionsand mahogany door sizes for you to choose from.

Whilst we stock or can source many different styles of mahogany wooden doors within our interior doors and exterior door sections, if you cannot locate the product you would like on our website please contact us and we promise to do our best to source an alternative.  We are here to help!

Mahogany Door Sizes:

These mahogany internal doors will in lots of instances have at least 3 sizes but in most instances we are able to offer a choice of 8 different sizes and two thicknesses including the unusual metric sized mahogany interior doors. 

There are many mahogany timber door sizes on the market but ours can from time to time include 1981x457mm, 1981x533mm, 1981x610mm, 1981x686mm, 1981x762mm, 1981x838mm and  2032x813mm all of which are 35mm thick, we then have true metric sizes, these are door sizes that are all 2040mm high and are 40mm thick, they include 2040x526mm, 2040x626mm, 2040x726mm, 2040x826mm and in some instances 2040x926mm, mahogany faced plywood fire doors will all be 45mm thick for a 30 minute fire door to 54mm thick for a 60 minute fire rated door.

Mahogany door construction:

The mahogany exterior doors are constructed in much the same way as the internal mahogany doors except that they are mostly constructed with Mortice & Tenon joints which is a very traditional construction method, the dowelled version of the external mahogany doors is usually cheaper, these types of mahogany door are veneered on a solid core or composite solid core and some customers seem to think they are then cheap mahogany doors when compared against solid mahogany doors but this is not the case, it is wholly designed to make the best use of the mahogany veneers and ensuring the future for those generations to come.

Decoration of external mahogany doors has to be very thorough and must include all 4 edges of the door being treated to prevent moisture penetration, the use of a canopy or similar construction is recommended.

All glazing in our mahogany glazed internal doors or our mahogany exterior doors is to British safety standards regardless of whether the mahogany doors are single glazed double glazed or triple glazed.

A tiny bit of the history of mahogany:

The mahogany species is known to have been much more varied in the past, each port that exported mahogany would do so under their own name.

Mahogany has been called the furniture timber and was certainly the most important commercial timber of the eighteenth-century. Its massive trunks afforded hitherto unobtainable wide boards which soon found their way into English dining rooms as tables and sideboards – dining room furniture, at the time, often being referred to as “The Mahogany”.

Mahogany is a traditional name given to two large Central American trees, of the genus Swietenia, the first, Swietenia mahagoni, indigenous to the Antilles in the West Indies, known in the eighteenth-century as Cuban, Jamaican and Santo Domingo mahogany (Jamaica providing the most prized timber). The second species is the closely related Swietenia macrophylla, known variously as Honduran mahogany and Bay Wood (from the Bays of Campeche and Honduras, whence it was exported).

Mahogany was known in the Spanish Americas in the mid sixteenth-century and it was certainly employed in England for ship building and constructing wharves by the mid seventeenth-century, but its take-up as a furniture timber was slow. The main reason it wasn’t immediately popular was its predecessor, European Walnut (Juglans regia), which had an understandably devout following.

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