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External Door and Frame Sets with Fittings - Explore Ironmongery Finish Options

If you purchased our external door and opted for the door set with fittings from the Add-on section, you had the opportunity to select the desired color finish for your ironmongery. This includes hinges, handles, and letterbox. The color of the hinges and letterbox will complement the finish of the handle.

It's important to note that regardless of your chosen ironmongery finish, the lock keepers and plates will be supplied in a mill (silver) finish, irrespective of the finish chosen for the handle and hinges.

If the draught bar is chosen it will be gold colour supplied with gold set, but any other set will feature an aluminum (mill color) finish regardless of the selected ironmongery.

For exact details on the style and finishes of the ironmongery, please see below:

Hardex Gold Handle Finish:

White Handle Finish:

 Black Handle Finish:

Hardex Chrome Handle Finish:

Hardex Graphite Handle Finish:

Antique Black Handle Finish:

If you would like a more traditional letterplate, for an extra cost, please contact us at

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