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Internal Folding Doors - Details & Instructions

At Direct Doors we offer a wide range of Folding, Bi-Folding and Tri-Folding doors. In order to help you fit these systems with ease, we have put together the following advice. 

The PDF's below are available for you to download and keep handy whenever you may need them. Please make sure to download the correct PDF for your chosen folding system. If you are not sure which PDF you require, then please do not hesitate to contact our team who can help guide you.

Please note this section refers to our Internal Folding Door range. For our Bespoke Folding Doors, please click here. 

Internal Folding Doors:

Folding Fitting Instruction Details:

Internal Bi-Fold Doors: 

Bi Fold Product Details:

Bifold Fitting Instruction Details:

How to Fit a Bifold Door

Internal Tri-Fold Doors:

Tri Fold Fitting Instruction Details:

If you require any further PDF's for our Internal Folding Door systems, then please contact us here and we can provide you with more information.