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External Door and Frame Sets- Details & Instructions

At Direct Doors we offer a wide range of External Door & Frame Sets. In order to help you fit these systems with ease, we have put together the following advice. 

The PDF's below are available for you to download and keep handy whenever you may need them. Please ensure you download the correct PDF for your External Door & Frame Set. If you are not sure which PDF you should be downloading, then please contact our team who can help guide you.

External Spitfire Door Sets:

Installation PDF Outer-Frame PDF Gasket Types PDF Warranty PDF

XL Joinery Door and Frame Set:

Fitting Instructions PDF Pre-Purchase Info PDF

LPD Door and Frame Set:

Dimensions PDF Fitting Instructions PDF

All of our External Double Doors combined with a frame can be fitted with the leading door set as the left or right. Please note as these are universal frames in flatpack form, they will require a neoprene draught excluder. However, these are only suitable for one single door, not double. If putting them in this combination of double doors you would need to obtain extra draught seals. 

If you require any further information regarding External Door & Frame Sets, then please contact us here