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DD ThruEasi Room Divider Doors - Details & Instructions

To understand how our ThruEasi Room Dividers work can be quite complicated, so we have the following PDF's to help you on your journey to find the perfect set of Room Dividers for your home.

The PDF's below are available for you to download and keep handy whenever you may need them. Please ensure you download the correct PDF for your desired set of room dividers. If you are not sure which PDF you should be downloading, then please contact our team who can help guide you. 

Please remember that the PDF's below correspond to our DD ThruEasi Room Dividers only. If you have purchased an Easi-Frame, then please click here to find our Easi-Frame Room Dividers PDF's.

ThruEasi White Room Dividers:

Assembly & Fitting Instructions

ThruEasi Oak Room Dividers:

Assembly & Fitting Instructions

Sliding Room Divider Doors: 

Fitting Instructions 

If you require any further PDF's for our Room Dividers, then please contact us here and we can provide you with your requirements.