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Exterior Frame Type 1 Complete Door Set

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7-8 Weeks

Solid Core

Self Assembly

Note: Our high-end bespoke wooden frames are intentionally designed for painting as there may be variations in the finish on certain elements due to the natural materials used.

One fantastic all inclusive frame price for the following: Read more


Grandis Hardwood Door Set (EXTT1RG)




Note: The breadth of the frame will be 93mm from inside the house to the outside.


Note: Please enter the overall required frame dimensions in millimetres. As a general thumb-rule your overall frame size is USUALLY your door height plus 115mm and your door width plus 100mm.

(115mm = 47mm frame head + 25mm draught bar clearance + 40mm cill + 3mm clearance)

(100mm = 47mm frame legs + 3mm clearance to either side of the door)

If you need a door that's bigger or smaller than these sizes, enter your required dimensions, choose the rest of your door preferences, and you may be able to get a quotation instead of placing an order.

mm 800-1416mm
mm 2000-2250mm

Note: The cill sizes listed are the sizes of the cill where it projects past the outer face of the frame.


Note: Always view the handing from the outside.

Handing is the term used to describe the indication of which side of a door the hinges are placed and whether the door options inwards or outwards, it's very helpful to know this especially when buying an external 'door & frame package' or a pair of doors.



Please choose the required finish - The lock keepers and plates will be supplied in mill (silver) finish, regardless the finish of the handle and hinges. To see the exact style of handle and other ironmongery visit this link.


Note: Please choose your preferred colour option. The finish is premium primed and therefore the frame(s) need to be finished on site using the paint pot supplied. On average, paint glossiness is 15-20%.


Note: Please choose the required seal colour for the P seals.



Please choose if you would like a letterbox, if yes this will be fitted to your chosen door. The color of the letterplates will complement the chosen handle finish, to see the exact style of letterbox, visit this link.

This item is not for individual purchase and must be bought as part of a bundle.

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