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The most poplar internal doors are made in timber (veneered on solid cores) and are likely to be more sound proof than hollow doors but this large variety of hollow doors is mainly in the white primed doors within the site and are therefore easily identified, although some internal doors may be hollow we can guarantee the construction is very sound, hollow doors may only have a small frame and a dedicated hinge side but they have never let down any of our customers, veneered doors are just as reliable and great value with style for a low cost.

                                               White Doors with Panels

                                                 White Doors

We also offer advice on what doors are best suited as "Pocket Doors" where you may require doors to "dissapear" in to a wall cavity, the most important factor to bear in mind is that any door with projecting mouldings will be unsuitable, our site clearly identifies doors with those type of moulding and our staff can advise further on the best options for pocket doors.


                                     Internal Doors with Glass

We have built our extensive range of Oak doors, Mahogany doors and Pine doors over a number of years to the point where we are confident of having something to suit all pockets, all internal wooden doors are veneered on solid cores and while these cores vary in construction with some as laminated timber and some as a composite construction, all are without exception extremely well manufactured.

                                                Internal Mahogany Doors

                                     Internal Mahogany Doors

The newest internal doors categories within the site have been created to allow you to find the more unusual metric sizes of doors, metric size doors are a particular height, width and thickness, all are 2040mm high and are thicker at 40mm, they vary from 526mm to 926mm wide increasing by 100mm each time to the maximum 926mm width.

Our experience will help when it comes to some of your doors being an odd size, we can advise you which internal doors can be cut and by how much, both in height and width, on top of this advice we can confirm which doors are now FSC registered, this registration results in a safe chain of custody to guarantee the controlled sourcing of the materials supplied in the manufacture of those doors.

The addition of internal pvc doors or fully prefinished doorswithin the site allows us to guide customers to door types and styles that will require absolute no decoration, some customers prefer these internal door products so they can avoid further work after having the doors fitted.

                 Internal PVC Doors         Internal Pre Finished Doors

                  Internal PVC Doors           Internal Prefinished Doors

Fire doors are becoming more readily available as panel, flush or glazed doors, all (FD30) 1/2 hour fire rated doors are 45mm thick and have a solid core, please remember that these fire door doors require 3 hinges which must also be to a certain fire rated standard, a more limited range of (FD60) 1 hour rated fire doors are available or may be able to be sourced, these internal doors are 54mm thick and very heavy, we would advise using 4 hinges on these doors.

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