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For over four decades, we've been your reliable source for top-notch home door solutions. We offer transparent all inclusive pricing for door deliveries to most UK postcodes, along with vat inclusive costs.
From standard to bespoke doors, we have the perfect fit for you. The more doors you order, the bigger the savings. Do it once - Do it right!
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The Company:

46 years in the trade and counting.

We have been a manufacturer, installer and supplier of doors since 1987, our staff ethos is "give a customer what you would want for yourself"........nothing less. The company is 100% focused on web customers encompassing trade and diy with the aim of giving the customer what they want in terms of product range and quality while being innovative through new product creation on a daily basis.

As the leading door supplier in the UK we not only offer standard size doors but made to measure door sizes and every conceivable door type imaginable.  Our range of sliding doors, bi-folding doors, french doors,  pocket doors and patio doors most of which are designed in the UK offer the variety you need.  All this in a range of solid wood finishes or veneered on solid cores. We also have a huge range of high-quality door furniture for your interior and exterior door needs. This includes door handles, draught excluders, door hinges and door locks for improved door security.

Delivery Service:

Our improved door deliveries from 48 UK wide depots and combined with lower prices on all our doors has always proved popular, our door prices are inclusive of delivery to most UK mainland postcodes, deliveries vary from product to product from as little as 24 hours all the way up to bespoke items that are on a 20 week schedule but are honest schedules rather than sales gimmicks.

Please do not arrange your carpenter until you are certain the goods have arrived, have been checked and are suitable for installation as you intended, this will help manage your own expectations and avoid disappointment should an item arrive damaged or in the wrong size.

Our Mission:

The aim when building our web site was to make the compatibility of the products a must. All doors, handles, locks - latches, hinges and frames which may be selected by any of our customers are fully matched to ensure that you can buy with confidence safe in the knowledge that we have taken out any of the risks associated with such a large and diverse range of diy related products. have been continually adding top quality standard style door or indeed luxury doors to their range and have been able to do so while maintaining the web site and companies knowledge, honesty, integrity and usability for a massive range of products.


Need some help with door styles? Our stunning collection of inspirational ideas using standard or bespoke artisan collections for your home, we do it but better.

Collections formed from experience for your home and including Living Room Doors to provide light and Dining Room Doors that provide style, space and elegance through to a very large and practical collections of Bedroom Doors and Kitchen Doors there will be something interesting that we can offer to suit your home.

Our range of House Doors, Patio Doors, Entrance Doors and Door Sets which include the frame and fittings are up there with the best available. There's no better place to buy front doors online. We make shopping for a new exterior door easy. 

We have a large range of Garage Doors available in both traditional and more modern styles, wooden, composite and aluminium designs available.

Just when you thought that those small bathrooms were a problem we go and create something different, take a look at our Bathroom Doors and Bathroom Door Locks pages at the highlighted links.

Modern doors that lead the way and never follow and with our range of Contemporary doors you shouldn't be disappointed - go be inspired!

Our most recent collections, the Industrial Steel Look Heritage Doors and Designer Glass Doors UK, embody the latest interior decorating trends and are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Plain doors but anything but boring, great styles and design features allied to a huge range of sizes, if it's something traditional why not look at the Suffolk and Mexicano doors, take a peek.

Some great space saving ideas when rooms are just a bit smaller than you'd like, take a look at some internal sliding doors for your project. Or bi-folding doors, also known as internal folding doors, that close in a concertina fashion. 

A new range of door kits with much improved and "chunky" material sections providing you with a superior door frame kit at an improved price.

Struggling with some odd sized doors? We have a range of ideas for just such a problem and metric door sizes are just one range that customers ask us about but our standard size doors offer lots of other options.

Solid doors are few and far between but we make a clear distinction between solid core doors and actual solid timber doors, take a quick look at this link for more info.

As one of the UK's leading door suppliers we not only supply standard sizes doors but made to measure and every conceivable door type imaginable including folding doors and pocket doors to name but two.

Look out for our internal sliding doors and, in particular, sliding wardrobe doors - all designed to completely match a large range of our interior doors! 


The ability of our staff to advise customers how best to alter or install our products includes comprehensive knowledge of how to fit fire doors to your specific requirements, our DIY help advice is unsurpassed.  

After more than 45 years in the industry we are experts in our field and can help advise on such things as how to care for your products, fitting, hinges, locks and frames, our advice in relation to all things associated with installation is second to none.

We are happy to help you choose your double doors or how to use two standard sizes to form a pair and the best sizes to suit your existing frames or new frames, all our advice is free and whether they are external folding doors or internal folding doors, the knowledge we have covers these and other product types including knowledge of all the available sizes, just a word of caution, if buying our fire door pairs please read our disclaimer.

DIY Tips:

Get comprehensive tips and buying guides in our DIY help & buyer guide section. Find out the best way to alter a door or a frame. We can look at your drawings, plans or photographs and give you the best advice on how to progress with your diy plans for installation including exterior PvcComposite and Wood, this is our specialist area.

Our advice is free and without obligation. Honest, unbiased guidance allied to best practice is what we offer; please do not arrange your carpenter until you are certain the goods have arrived, been checked and are suitable for installation as you intended.

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