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Metric Door Sizes

Metric door sizes are extremely specific and different from imperial feet and inches.

The door sizes have exact heights of 2040mm and widths vary as follows, 526mm, 626mm, 726mm, 826mm and lastly 926mm all with door thicknesses of 40mm but 44mm for 30 minute fire rated doors.

The story goes that metric door sizes were introduced by one of the UK'S largest house building companies to prevent site theft, the fact the doors were such "odd" sizes meant they were pretty much useless for our more traditional UK housing stock. (Products shown are Suffolk doors)

Internal Metric Doors

Internal Doors in Unusual Sizes, Thicknesses

Metric internal doors with glass have never been so varied, whether it is doors for the lounge, dining room or indeed any here else in your home we should have a door size and thickness to help. The range of doors available include white primed and white fully finished and then a range of colours in differing shade of grey if not quite 50 of them. The choice of veneered doors and finishes we can then offer are oak, ash, walnut, beech and combinations of those veneers to provide a massive internal doors choice for your perusal. (Product shown is Pesaro door)

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Panel Doors in Wide Range of Sizes, Styles

Metric internal door sizes, our range of panel doors in these unusual door dimensions is quite simply huge. Use our search facility and in doing so use the following width dimensions below to get the result that you will need in order to find metric doors. Search using these dimensions; 526mm - 626mm - 726mm - 826mm or 926mm as this is all known metric door sizes. (Product shown is Lincoln door)

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Huge Range of Interior Door Dimensions

Metric size doors for the home are more stylish than ever, take a peek at our pre finished metric door sizes to get an idea of what is possible. A nice selection and laid out in such a way as to make it easy to navigate and therefore locate the door that best suits your home, take your time........ the door has to be just perfect for your project as it will be there a long time. (Products shown are Sierra doors)

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Unique Metric Doors

Metric Door Size Calculator

A handy conversion button showing the metric sizes and the nearest conversion if you need to know what the size is in "inches" is a click or two away. Most of our categories of doors have a metric category where it's been practical to do so. The site has a simple button within each individual door product to allow you to switch between "MM" and "INCHES" and give you the comfort of knowing you are ordering the correct sizes. (Product shown is Verona door)

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Bespoke Doors with Unusual Heights, Widths

After months of development work we have been able to pull together a truly inspirational range of made to measure internal doors. The range has not only been developed for those unusual sizes but can also provide metric doors in a particular size where it currently doesn't exist. Not only can we provide these bespoke doors in standard door styles we can also make bespoke fire doors and folding doors.......... some of the best things are not always in small packages. (Product shown is Portici door)

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Metric Sized Internal Folding Doors

Just looking will help you to free your imagination and provide inspiration to add that extra bit of glamour to your project. We can supply these made to measure folding doors in metric sizes for any width or height, great choices of finishes and even better versatility when it come to heights and widths of interior metric doors that fold effortlessly. (Product shown is Treviso folding door)

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