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Garage Door Ideas

A beautiful range of stylish and vibrant Garage Doors to bring warmth, style and personality to your home. This range is more popular than ever and here at DirectDoors we are always growing and by adding more stunning styles we want to ensure we have an option for everyone, whether you are after Wooden, Aluminium or Electric we know we'll have the perfect choice for you.

Types of Garage Doors

Traditional Wooden Garage Doors

Traditional Wooden Garage Doors, mainly our Redwood Garage doors which are providing to be extremely popular. You can paint these to add your own touch of personality to the doors. We also have a range of Tricoya Composite Garage Doors which add durability and security.

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Aluminium Garage Doors

A very comprehensive range of Aluminium Electric Garage Doors to suit your home, these are made to size so it's hassle free trying to find your size. You can choose an eye popping red to make it stand out from the rest or choose a subtle grey for a more contemporary look. Our Gliderol Garage Doors are available in a vast range of colours to suit any needs.

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Roller Shutter Garage Doors

An easy to operate Roller Shutter Garage Door, a popular option to say the least, these beautiful electric garage doors are controlled by a remote and supplied with a Safety Break Device as standard. These Garage Doors offer amazing benefits and they come at a very attractive price.

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Style & Security

Easy Operated Electric Roller Garage Doors

Our wide selection of Electric Roller Garage Doors provide privacy as well as security, a practical and functional choice. Operated by a remote, you can be sure you are getting a high quality Garage Door that provides safety to your home.

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Traditional Side Hinged Garage Doors

A traditional looking Garage Door which opens how a normal door would. Our range of Side Hinged Composite Garage Doors are an excellent choice for those looking to keep some traditional traits but with a contemporary twist. These are available in both traditional and more modern styles, glazed, flush and panelled designs available.

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Modern Garage Doors

A highly requested option, a more modern style Garage Door than your traditional look. Although traditional Garage Doors offer warmth and personality opting for a more modern design will give your garage a touch of life and create a stunning feature for your home. Even your neighbors will be stunned at them. We have a large range of Garage Doors with many different designs and sizes available here at which only provide elegance and style, we can be sure you will fall in love with them.

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