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Dolle Wooden Loft Ladder - ClickFix 36 Lux Mini - Insulated Door, Max Ceiling Height 2780mm

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If the space is tight, our clickFIX® 36 GOLD MINI is made perfect to fit between the beams, in a narrow hallway or where the space is otherwise limited. Read more


925x700mm (38771-1038771)


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This loft ladder is supplied with a hatch, trapdoor, ladder, pole hook, operating pole and ladder feet.

Loft ladders of the name DOLLE CLICKFIX® meet the high energy requirements of the housing market today

They reduce heat loss up to 86% compared with uninsulated ceilings. Minimal cold bridges occur, because the limb consists solely of a high-insulating material and not a wood structure.

The loft ladder weighs about 25% less than traditional ceilings. It is designed for easy-click mounting without the use of tools and can be mounted by only one person. The patented clickFIX® technology has the best insulation in the market, along with easy installation.

DOLLE clickFIX® 36 GOLD MINI is insulated with 30 mm expanded polystyrene (EPS). U-value: 0.99 W/m2 *K. The low u-value is particularly remarkable as all products are tested as a building component similar to doors and windows.

Other vendors indicate the u-value as a calculated value, measured only at one point in the gate, which gives a strong misleading value for energy calculations.

DOLLE CLICKFIX 36 GOLD MINI is delivered with non-slip treads for extra security and a wooden push/pull operation pole for easy operation of the loft ladder.

Scandinavian design and craftmanship are combined to deliver the industry leading energy efficiency.

Suggested Minimum Skill Level Low DIY & Basic Joinery Tools Required.
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Material Tread - Beech, Casing - Spruce
Opening Size 925mm(L) x 700mm(W)
Outside Casing Dimensions 900mm(L) x 676mm(W) x 115mm(H)
Casing Thickness 18mm
Tread Dimensions 358mm Width, 54mm Depth, 17.5mm Thick
Swing Clearance 1120mm
Trapdoor Thickness 36mm
Insulation 30mm
Floor to Ceiling Height 2810mm
Maximum Load 150kg
Weight 25.80kg
String Dimensions 21mm Thick, 69mm Depth

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