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JELD-WEN Curated Doors Collection

As more and more people choose to put considerable time and effort into designing their homes it is important not to forget the one interior design feature that brings it all together – good quality JELD-WEN doors.

With JELD-WEN curated doors, you can not only choose from many unique designs but also customize doors to reflect your own personal taste, so whether you dream of a modern home or a more traditional abode the JELD-WEN curated doors collection has a solution for you.

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Internal doors

Time tested and conventional internal panel doors or internal glazed doors in a myriad of styles and designs. A range of sizes that encompass the UK's most popular dimensions for these JELD-WEN doors, now available. (Product shown is Cottage white primed glazed door)

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Fire Doors

Protect your home with JELD-WEN fire doors, made according to all fire door safety regulations with oak, white, walnut veneers and also various foil based surfaces. Great doors at low prices - every day. (Product shown is fire rated Oregon doors)

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External Doors

When it comes to external doors it’s vital that these doors look great. Direct Doors offers beautiful exterior JELD-WEN doors range to match any style and expactations. (Product shown is Kinsley Golden Oak French Patio Doorset with clear double glazing)

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And your style

JELD-WEN White Doors

There are plenty of interior designs styles to choose from but sometimes we all want to create something unique and to our taste. This is where JELD_WEN White doors come in very handy. Versatile designs that allow for a great amount of flexibility, customisation for those with ideas of their own.

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JELD-WEN Deco Doors

JELD_WEN Deco doors are the perfect blend of modern and traditional – a design that looks great both in a contemporary and classical home. Moreover, the Deco doors not only come in a variety of styles but once more give customers a chance to customise them by picking elegant oak finishing or primed white doors that are ready-made to be painted. (Product shown is Deco O2 oak glazed door)

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JELD-WEN Fire Doors

There are stylish options to complement virtually every design theme with a range of colours, thicknesses and finishes including finely crafted natural wood veneers. Our FD30 fire doors options provide peace of mind, allowing 30 minutes fire resistence to enable safe evacuation of a property in an emgergency situation. (Product shown is Oregon 4 Panel door)

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JELD-WEN Oregon Doors

Made from American white oak real wood veneer, JELD-WEN Oregon doors will give any room a memorable difinitive style. For all it’s style this range also has plenty of substance – boasting a solid construction that gives the room great acoustics and ensures that you will be able to enjoy true peace and quiet in your home. (Product shown is Macintosh Oregon oak glazed door)

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JELD-WEN Simplicity Doors

Sometimes the genius lies in simplicity and so is the case with the aptly named Jeld-Wen Simplicity collection that relies on the minimal approach to design. Clear and contemporary lines combined with a plain white primer create a door that will not look out of place in any setting. However, it is not without the ability to customise, not only does this collection come with multiple time-tested and popular designs, also white primed for colouring to your taste and also the ability to choose between single and paired double doors. (Product shown is the Ladder Glazed Simplicity Door)

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External Curated Doors

If you are looking for the balance of high quality and cheap external doors, then this collection is just for you. A great number of JELD-WEN external wooden doors are made using American white oak veneer, giving the door a solid traditional feel and style. In addition, besides coming in many designs, JELD-WEN external doors allow customers to choose between stain or lacquer finish, as well as glazed or panel types. Numerous door options are also available for external folding patio door sets or indeed for French patio door sets. (Product shown is Oregon 3 panel white oak exterior door)

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