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Pine Door Information

Some general questions and answers before buying pine doors, lots of sizes and at least two thicknesses, pine varies in coluor and grain, we tend to use clear grain and avoid the cheaper knotty pine which is prone to warping.

Q; How long will it take for delivery of these pine doors?  

A; We estimate 48 - 72 hours for our free delivery, the speed is dependant on the quantity of doors, 2 or more doors are direct from our supplier and a dedicated courier is used for single doors. 

Q; What type of pine is used?

A; We use clear illiotis pine without any decoration, we do not do the full knotty pine type door.

Q; What is the construction?

A; The pine doors have a solid core with the veneer on top to provide a 1st class door as standard, all pine doors are supplied unfinished, any glass would be to British standards.

Q; What sizes are available?

A; The sizes are 1981x457mm, 1981x533mm, 1981x610mm, 1981x686mm, 1981x711mm,  1981x762mm and 1981x838mm, all 35mm thick and 40mm thick metric doors at 2040x626mm, 2040x726mm, 2040x826mm.

Some soft info;

Pine, thanks to its seemingly timeless appeal, simply never goes out of fashion.

Our extensive range of knotty, semi-clear and clear pine single leaf doors and casement pairs, are purpose designed to meet more modest budgets but without any obvious compromise on aesthetics or quality.  Indeed the semi-clear and clear pine options continue to be manufactured with a degree of engineered components to help combat the natural potential for both warping and shrinkage.

Sitting alongside the “old faithfuls” that have patently lost none of their appeal amongst those unable to resist the alluring charm of pine, are the Florida 5P and 4L “new kids on the block” that offer a subtle, more contemporary design theme.

All Pine Doors are supplied unfinished.

All sizes 78” x 15”; 18”; 21”; 24”; 27”; 28”; 30”; 33”; 80” x 32” and 84" x 36" are supplied 35mm thickness

All sizes 2040mm x 626mm; 726mm; 826mm are supplied 40mm thickness .

All half hour Firecheck doors are supplied 44mm thickness

Casement Pairs 78" x 46" are supplied 35mm thickness

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