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We supply and deliver most of our internal doors within 48-72 hours anywhere in the UK.

No hidden charges, vat and delivery is included on all doors and only a small charge is added for frames or fittings.

An absolutely massive range of Internal Doors is available with FREE UK mainland delivery. Most of our Internal Doors are over veneered on a solid core with modern quality construction whilst using the best veneers, the result is a fantastic selection for you to choose from. 

New internal doors can transform even the most simple of interior designs, breathing new life into your home with a stunning selection of lounge doors or doors for your home office. From sturdy oak and rustic timber to rich mahogany and contemporary white, you have the opportunity to add your own unique style to your property.

A new interior door is all about form meeting function. They are often designed for safety, to retain warmth, and to add aesthetic - and monetary - value to a building.

At Direct Doors, we know doors - inside and out - and on this page we’ll help you:

  1. Find great quality doors at the right price;
  2. Get to know our huge product range;
  3. And understand how to measure before ordering.

Door Choices To Suit You:

Choosing new internal doors is a very personal decision, and something that requires careful consideration. Over our many years of installing doors, and having met and advised countless customers, we’ve learned that the choice of door more often than not comes down to quality and style, rather than price.

With this in mind, we’ve always tried to guide our customers through the process of choosing a new door by first having them think about their desired design outcome, why buy oak doors or mahogany doors if you intend to paint it, to do so would be a waste of your money as there is virtually nothing to be gained unless the door is only available in a style within either our oak, mahogany or pine door categories.

The Internal Doors made in timber (veneered on solid cores) are likely to be more sound proof than hollow doors although this large range is mainly in the white primed doors section and are therefore easily identified. Although some internal doors may be hollow we can guarantee the construction is very stable. Hollow doors may only have a small frame and a dedicated hinge side but they have never let down any of our customers, veneered doors are just as reliable and great value with style for a low cost.

We have built our extensive range of Oak doors, Mahogany doors and Pine doors over a number of years to the point where we are confident of having something to suit all tastes. All Internal wooden doors are veneered on solid cores and while these cores vary in construction with some as laminated timber and some as a composite construction all are, without exception, extremely well manufactured.

Are you looking for narrow doors or wide doors? Have a look at our unusual door sizes article which will point you in the right direction for narrow internal doors & wide internal doors. If you have custom sizes in mind and need something bespoke, visit our section for made to measure doors.

Aesthetics - Colour Schemes - Materials:

When selecting a new interior door, you need to make sure you choose one that complements the aesthetic of your home or office.

Look for inspiration in the existing colour scheme, the location and age of the property, or even in the way you wish to utilise the space (i.e., do you require complete privacy when the door is closed, meaning a solid door rather than glass panels?).

For a contemporary design, internal flush doors can give your home a sleek, modern look. Or if you’re looking to add a little depth and character to a room, consider a panelled door.

Our range of materials will leave you spoiled for choice, with solid oak and rustic timber particularly popular but the new "Grey Doors" are very popular. All comfortably complement the contemporary and classic looks alike, while our pine and walnut doors are tailor made for a traditional finish.

And if you want to keep things bright and minimal, our range of internal white primed doors will look right at home in a chic apartment or smart new-build property.

Find it - Fit it:

On this page you’ll find over 30 categories in which to browse our extensive range of internal doors. And with a selection of materials, finishes, and compatible fittings - including handles, hinges, and locks - there really is something to suit all tastes.

You have the option of choosing an unfinished door if you wish to paint it yourself, or an internal PVC door or fully prefinished doors if you’d rather avoid any further interior design work once the door has been fitted.

In this section, we’ll briefly cover some of the key features of our product range.

For some people, keeping the noise out when a door is closed is an important consideration. Whether it’s to ensure a little bit of privacy in an office meeting room, or to drown out the noise of the washing machine as you settle down in front of the TV, we can advise on the best options for sound proofing.

Fire Doors:

Fire safety is a huge concern for many of our customers, and installing internal fire doors can be an important requirement for landlords and business owners. As part of our range of interior doors, we supply fire doors in a number of styles, including panel, flush, or glazed.

All our half hour fire-rated doors (FD30) are 44-45mm nominal thickness and have a solid core, however they must be fitted with three hinges that are also to a certain fire-rated standard, there are some 35mm fire doors on the market but they are very limited in range, styles and sizes.

We also have a more limited range of one hour fire-rated doors (FD60) which are 54mm thick and very heavy; we advise using four hinges to fit these doors.

Do it right:

If being green is important to you, then we can confirm which of our wooden doors are FSC-certified.

This registration results in a safe chain of custody to guarantee the controlled sourcing of materials supplied in the manufacture of those doors.

Completing the look you’re after for your home or office means going beyond selecting the right door. There’s an attention to detail that comes with choosing the perfect handles, hinges, and locks; one that can make or break the final touches to an interior design project.

We boast an expansive range of door furniture, from antique-style handles and fittings that will accentuate the grandeur of a traditional internal door, to modern, contemporary handles that will complement your sleek, chic interior.

Measuring Doors:

Have you recently bought one of our excellent internal doors? We have provided some advice set out below to show how they are fitted but if you're at the stage of thinking about buying follow this link for how to measure for internal door sizes.

But first, we must advise that if you’re not an experienced DIY enthusiast, you may wish to seek the assistance of a seasoned joiner to help you measure and fit your new internal doors.

And please note: The DIY advice provided on our website is only a guideline for the installation of interior doors. We cannot accept liability for any mishap, injury or damage caused to you, your property or a third party while following this advice.

When the time comes to measure for your new interior doors, don’t be alarmed if they’re different sizes. This is quite normal, particularly in older properties.

Our unrivalled experience in fitting internal doors means we can advise on which doors in our product range can be cut, and by how much, in both height and width.

If you’d like more information on the entire measuring and fitting process, visit our Help Section.

When measuring your interior door, ignore the current door size and follow the advice below.

Width: Measure each door between the frame at the top, the middle and the bottom.

Select a door that fits the widest size. This is because the widest size can be adjusted by you to suit the narrow area of any part of the opening without compromising the stability or affecting the look of the door.

Height: Measure from the carpet/floor covering to the underside of the timber lintol.

Thickness: Now and only now do you measure the door to find out how thick it is at present. With interior doors you may have to compromise and fit a slightly thinner door. This does not normally present any problems.

Note: Do not assume all interior doors in your house are the same size or thickness - check them all.

Measuring Frames:

The above advice may be different if ordering a door and frame, always check the overall outside sizes of the frame against the overall inside sizes of the frame and choose the correct combination of those sizes to suit the opening and to ensure the frame will go in to the opening.

The above paragraph may involve you ordering a frame that is slightly smaller than the current frame, now measure the frame breadth, ie; from the inside face to the outside face, you can always add a sub frame or concealed plates to make a frame fit the width or height but it can be very difficult and sometimes impossible to adjust the frame if you have ordered it too big.

Use the above DIY info and read the following detail for more advice, especially if ordering or fitting a timber frame, take a look at our frame choices. 

Fitting A Door:

1. Stand the door in front of the frame. If the door overlaps the frame or is tight between the door and the frame, then mark with a pencil where the adjustments are required.

There should be a 2mm or 3mm gap between the door and the frame on both sides and the top.

If you do need to cut the door down to size, keep in mind that you need to cut all four sides of the door equally whenever possible to retain an accurate shape or pattern if the door is panelled.

2. For small adjustments in size, use a plane to shave the wood. Always start at the outside of any door edge and plane in towards the middle of the door thickness.

If you need to make a more substantial adjustment it is advisable to use a panel or circular saw.

Please be aware that circular saws are quite capable of (jamming) kicking back. It should be obvious, but isn't always, you should never place your hand anywhere near the side or the front of the circular saw blade.

3. If you intend to use the existing hinge recesses in the frame, the positions need to be marked on the door frame.

Position and support the door at an angle to the upright and mark on it where the tops and bottoms of the hinge recesses are for each hinge.

4. If you intend to use new hinges you will need to mark their positions on the frame and the door.

Exterior doors should be hinged between 125-150mm (5-6 inches) from the top and 175-230mm (7-9 inches) from the bottom of the door.

Exterior doors are heavier and require a third hinge in the middle of the door. If the door is made of hardwood then it is best to use brass hinges sized 100mm (4 inches), 125mm (5 inches) or 150mm (6 inches). This site sells hinges in single quantities to allow you to buy as many or as few as you require.

5. Care should be taken when chiselling out the recesses for the hinges, the best way is to (using a small saw) cut across the thickness of the door every 3/4" or 20mm and only to the position which your hinges will cover.

This action prevents the door from splitting beyond your hinge position.

Always make pilot holes when screwing into wood as this will prevent the wood from splitting.

To make the screws go in easier, rub the screw thread with a bar of soap.

Make sure that the hinges fit their recesses snugly.

6. Once the hinges are attached to the door, screw each hinge into position using one screw only.

Check that the door opens and closes properly before screwing in the remaining screws. If it does not, then unscrew and make minor adjustments to the position of the hinge, within the frame.

Repeat this procedure until the door position is correct.

Now read our DIY info on "How to fit a latch" or view our full video section below, also take a look at some other helpful DIY tips and our Blog for other helpful advice.

How to Fit A Latch Video Easy Print - Door sizes: Diy Video Section
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