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Anti Bacterial Handles

Our range of anti-bacterial door handles help reduce the transfer of germs within your home or workplace. 

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These anti-bacterial handles will suit commercial and modern residential projects as they provide the quality and durability to cope within these environments. The handles offer more protection compared to your typical stainless steel handles, giving you that peace of mind. 

Anti Bacterial handles can fight against different types of bacteria and germs, so you can feel safe as well as know that you have clean handles no matter who touches them, this is especially important for businesses with many different people coming in and out all day.

These types of handles are widely used within many different industries such as hospitals, care homes, schools and nurseries to ensure the safety of all. 

A perfect choice of handles for those looking for something that offers protection whilst keeping a stylish look, these beautiful looking handles are suitable for modern and traditional properties. 

If you have any questions or require any tips for our handles, our team are always on handle contact them here or call 01968 671 681 for assistance.