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Why you should fit interior folding doors

Many reasons, they save space and have a huge range of styles available.

That could be the end of this blog but to be honest there is so much to say about our interior folding doors range.

                                Image of Freefold White Pattern 10 Style Folding 2 Door Set, Height 2090mm, Width 1278mm

We originally set up a range of 20 doors, enough for anyone to choose from you would think, the problem was we then started to create our own range using lots of different door sizes and veneers.

We created a range of 400+ door options, it's a lot to sift through....that we know but the section is broken down in to manageable chunks and then in some instances sub devided again, a few clicks will help get you to the exact range that would or rather than sound presumptious should suit your home.

                                Image of Nuvu Folding Palermo Oak 4 Door Set with Clear Glass, 2078mm high and 2512mm or 2816mm wide

The range of doors incorporates doors in White, Oak, Walnut and Pine, there are also options that are Flush, Panelled and with glass which can either be clear or opaque in some instances, all in all a great choice and as usual the doors come with the frame and the folding track that will make it all work....beautifully! 

The sizes, this is the tricky bit, they are hugely varied but are generally all 2078mm high or 2090mm high and too many widths to mention here, suffice to say with a range of doors starting with 2 doors and going all the way through 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7 and 8 door options there must be something to suit your home.

                                 Image of Nuvu Roomfold Coruna Walnut Veneered 4 Door Set with Frosted & Clear Squared Glass, 2078mm high and 2512mm or 2816mm wide.

So, to answer the statement I posed at the very begining.... "Why you should fit interior folding doors", because the range is huge and the space saving will be very practical, the only difficulty will be choosing the set that suits you and your home.

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